Nan-Shan and AIG?

Hello I am trying to buy some insurance/mutual fund from Nan-Shan, but will the policy be good I mean can I use the same policy once I get back to the states? The insurance agent said it’s good no problem I just want to double check…thanks

So how are Nan-Shan in Taiwan? did a little search but didn’t find any match…any reply/advice will be appreciated

Average I would say, their policies are pretty standard.

The policies should be honored wherever you live, however how easy it is to reclaim the money when living in he US remains to be seen.

Bit of a leap of faith, innit? Do you consider insurance companies trustworthy in general? Do you have faith in a Taiwanese contract? Put the two together…

By the time you get back to the States the government here will have taken time out of his busy day to pass a law saying foreigners can’t do whatever it is you want to do. Seriously. Can use ATM cards overseas. Can’t use ATM cards overseas. Can have a credit card. Can’t have a credit card. Driving licence valid for 6 years. Driving licence not valid for six years. And so on.

I presume this is in the wife’s name? If it is then I reckon it might be OK. Personally, I wouldn’t trust any insurance company as far as I could throw it, and a Taiwanese one… well… never sign a contract you can’t litigate.

Nan-Shan is a subsidiary of AIG, so one may regard that as being less of a fly-by-night operation. Regarding the actual policy, if it is issued by Nan-Shan, it may not be as straight-forward as going into any AIG office world-wide and making a claim.
(If, however, the local operation is a branch of the parent company, it could be different.)
Now AIG (in New York, say) may decide to honour it, but I’m sure they would need to go back to Nan-Shan in any case.
It may be better to check with someone other than the agent (who may be just trying to sell the policy).

Not sure if this helps much - but think more checking is called for.