Nannies in Taiwan

We need a nanny. Can anyone out there recommend a good nanny or a good service for nannies? Filipina, local or otherwise.


We found ours through word of mouth. Most of my students’ parents knew of a nanny, and then we went around to their place to check things out.

Hours and budget? I know someone who is asking 35,000 8-5ish, Mon-Fri.

:shock:, wow, that’s expensive isn’t it. Most of the accredited nannies we checked out quoted between $14K - $17K for 12 hours or $20K - $25K for 24 hours M - F both with food etc (no nappies), and that was pretty standard too. We went and checked out about 10 places before deciding on the one we chose.

we pay our nanny (Taiwanese, not Filapina if you are interested in that) 21K, plus transport, she works m-f about 12 hours… A steal IMHO!