Nanshan, New Breeze Mall Xinyi


I can’t wait to meet you either.



I don’t know why I care. Grand opening tomorrow 1/10.

Breeze NanShan
No. 3號, Songlian Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City, 110


They might as well rename that whole district to Breeze Shinkong.


As if Taipei doesn’t already have enough shopping space.


People in Taiwan want to be crammed in one space!


Crowds of people a day early. Taking pictures, looking in the windows.


Whew. The 10th is Thursday, not tomorrow. You had me scared there - I’m heading to the Vieshow cinema tomorrow. Wouldn’t want to get between a horde of shoppers and a first-day opening.


I like that it has 41 reviews on Google Maps before it’s open.


And it’s across from ‘Din Tai Fung Chinese Taipei 101’!


Never enough shopping. :laughing:


It’s amazing how people spawn in them, like Sim City


If only they were actually spawning. As things stand, it’s just more and more space for fewer and fewer shoppers. :sunglasses:


I don’t know, they all seem equally crowded to me, no matter how many open


Look closely. They’re probably mostly NPCs.


Damn, that’s a frighteningly plausible explanation of my university classes.


People just run around, from one to another.


It’s the thing to do when you don’t want to use your air conditioning or it’s raining or typhoon.

Night markets are still more Crowded.


‘Food’ is cheaper and all the other crap you can buy at a night market.


Hey has anyone heard if Blue Bottle Coffee will indeed open in Nanshan? I’ve heard mixed reports. If anyone has the goods, do let me know!



Looks like it’s there matey.