Nanshan, New Breeze Mall Xinyi


I’ve always found Blue Bottle coffee a bit overrated. Pretty expensive for what you get, really.


Yeah agreed, but I never would say no to another decent coffee place entering Taipei.


What are looking for in decent coffee?


Loooove decent coffee.


Decent espresso coffee, decent place to sit and read a book/do some work.


Good coffee is even better. :wink:


I agree that this is the case with the branches in the San Francisco Bay Area. But the shops in Tokyo, especially the main store in Kiyosumi Shirakawa, serve amazing drinks—in part due to the extraordinary quality of their Hokkaido milk.

I am curious to see how the Nanshan branch turns out…




Considering the quality of Taiwan milk, this doesn’t seem to bode well.


Oh wow. Just next to my gym.


Great, everything in one place. Maybe they could build and rent out ‘residential pods’ to live in.


Thank you for the tip. I have marked this as a place to visit in my next Tokyo visit. Definetively the area is known for good coffee.


Is this the one? Literally where the Taipei City Hall station is?


No, that’s the other new Breeze. This picture was taken from that one. Nanshan is the bottom of the building in the red circle.


Yes! Along with visiting Blue Bottle (on a weekday morning if possible—on weekends, it’s a zoo), be sure to visit the Kiyosumi Garden in the neighborhood. Strolling there is a wonderful treat.



We’ve seen it grow from the ground up over the past few years. If you look at pictures of 101, you can pretty much tell when they were taken by the presence/absence of Nanshan Plaza. It’s now the second tallest building in Taipei.


Oooh. I think I saw this one earlier while walking to the gym.


It’s the building that looks like a vertical imperial star destroyer.


Maybe it’s a secret escape shuttle for the rich when China invades Taiwan.


Did Shake Shack end up opening there?


I’m wondering about this too. My friend works in the building and said they ended up having issues so it didn’t open. Anyone have more details?