Naps and Napping

Naps are healthy physically and mentally.


Craps and crapping are also healthy. Try going without.

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I thought a sleep cycle was 3 hours.

Before I retired I thrived on about six hours of sleep each night and a ten-minute power nap after lunch. No alarm clock, never needed one.

Ten minutes was the perfect length for me. Just as I fell into a deep sleep (took about ten minutes) I snapped out of it. Felt fantastic, rested, and when stacked with a large coffee I was set until midnight.

Getting enough rest is a crucial and much under-estimated skill if you work in the US. Not as easy as it sounds for a lot of people there.

I now sleep about 8:20 each night. No naps. And feel fine.


im in school rn. I typically wake up at 7:15, get ready and eat and walk to class. Then once class ends I lift, eat the biggest meal I can, shower, then nap. Following that I go to my last class and go do shit with my frat. My nap is either 20 min or an hour and a half.

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You should ask for your money back.



I love my weekend naps. Saturdays especially. Work out. Lunch with the family. Nap. Swim. Dinner outside somewhere, and then drinks at home. Perfect day. The nap is key.

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I’m not a big napper, but I usually get 8 hours per night so don’t need it


I just woke up from an hour-long one and @crusher wants to be permanently banned.
Is it because there are too many chickens running loose in the forum?

Anyway, beer time. :beers:

Cheers, mate🍺

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I’m just going to take a break for a while. :+1: