National Geographic / Discovery - What the Hell Happened?

When I was a kid you would watch Jacque Cousteau scuba diving on a coral reef, the crocodile hunter, or a comprehensive breakdown of WW1/II. 2013 90% of the content is fat guys trying stuff as much in their gob as possible or red necks shooting guns. I’m sure it’s been focused grouped to death but really this is what people want? I understand getting fat guys to stuff their gob or red necks shooting guns cost nothing but isn’t there more to “educational” television?

There’s another thread about this somewhere, but yeah. Ghosts, sasquatch, car manufacturing, guns, more guns, another gun show, murder. And they copy each other. Discovery has a popular fishing show so Nat Geo makes a poorer version of a fishing show, Discovery has a popular gold show so Nat Geo makes a poor copy… :hand:

The guns thing is pretty abhorrent, it wouldn’t be out of place in hunting and military channel, but Discovery and Nat Geo?
The made ups hows like UFO hunters (even though I am a UFO enthusiast) and Sasquatch hunter and ghost hunter…terrible terrible stuff.

I’ll tell you what though, it leaves space for people who want to make quality television in that arena.

The BBC has made many very good nature documentaries with David Attenborough. And recently there have been some brilliant series on astronomy with Brian Cox. Nat Geo and Discovery are dumbed down so much they wouldn’t even appeal to an intelligent child.

Yup, gotta agree. I hardly bother to even flip through those channels anymore. Anyone remember watching Wild, Wild World of Animals? William Conrad was an awesome narrator. I miss that show. Even the music for the intro and ending was cool.

I remember Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom on Sunday mornings. There were two guys though I can’t remember their names.

Cars! Guns! Jesus! Aliens!

They just realized there’s a lot bigger audience for stupidity than reason. (Spoken as an ardent fan of “Wheeler Dealers”)

It’s not really that surprising, is it? These television-content providers are just following the same global market biz model followed by modern Hollywood. Namely, create content for all rednecks - a global redneck if you will, give or take a standard deviation or two - not just American ones.

I haven’t seen it, but rumor has it the latest in the Lethal Weapon franchise takes place in Russia, not LA or even North America. It’s target market is Eastern Europe, Russia, and Asia. What it pulls in dollar-wise or Euro-wise isn’t the goal, just gravy. Nat Geo and Discovery are doing something similar.

By the way, I’m not above watching some of it. Duck Dynasty, and especially Si Robertson, is a guilty pleasure of mine. Courtesy of A&E, natch.