National public holidays 2020

Not according to Google Calendar

So they moved the Saturday Feb 15 to Jan 23 to get a full week?!

Our worksheet

My question was about Jan 22

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Not in any of the companies I’ve worked in Taiwan.
I’d think that’s not even allowed, unless it was decided together with the workers representative, but I may be wrong.

I don’t really mind. It just seemed weird to me.

Seven of the months in 2020 have no holiday.

2019 had five of the months with no holiday.

Looks like five long weekends.

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What’s with the random Saturdays that aren’t days off?

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This is usually to have continuous holidays. e.g. holiday is on Thursday then they exchange the Friday workday with Saturday in a different week, so you have off from Thursday to Sunday.

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We work to «compensate» for extra days off that fall between two holidays. Welcome to Taiwan.

I have plenty of days off. Definitely taking those Saturdays. As a matter of fact, I can see myself having long weekends -4 days each- once a month if well planned. If a sacrifice has to be made, let’s go all the way.


Proper day is 25th. 24th is the big night.

Most places around my house will start closing the 22nd. Interesting.

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I presume food-based stuff like supermarkets and night markets and restaurants stay open for CNY? Malls, etc?

Yep. Costco closes one day because they are nice, but most supermarkets just give employees a couple extra hours to go home for the big dinner.

More confusion… :ponder:

Can someone confirm for which day 2/15 (Saturday) was the make up day?

Our company claims we need to work this Friday too to make up for another day.

according to company schedule…
2/15 make up for 1/23
2/28 make up for 1/22

Ooh, your company sounds evil.
The 2/15 Saturday make up was indeed for 1/23, as per the government.
Working on Peace Memorial Day (2/28), when it should be a long weekend, is a mean move by your company… if they gave you the extra day off for CNY (1/22), they should have been clear about making you work on a national holiday later on. I’d be pissed.


I forgot I actually posted this last year

So they made it clear.

Anyway the holiday situation in Taiwan is ridiculous.


God I hate Taiwanese companies and Taiwan public holiday policies with a passion.


Back in my home country, some companies just add all the long holidays together and divide the amount of hours during the whole year.
So we ended up working 8h16m (or something like that) everyday instead of the traditional 8h.
Definitely a better way to do it!

I would just tell companies to piss off on these makup days.

Not everybody have that privilege…

Privilege or not, I would rather get fired than ‘owe’ them like this. I’m not their maid/slave.

It’s not about privilege. I would rather starve on the street than do that.

You don’t need to go with on these days.
They just won’t pay you for the day either.