National Trails System

check it out :rainbow:

Interesting, thanks. Have you seen the other hiking threads? Maybe you’d like to come out one day? L.

I’ve checked it out many times. It’s of little use actually unless you already know the area and trails they are talking about. It’s a good start but they need better maps and better info on the trail. And just what do type 1, 2, 3, etc, trails mean? I hate unexplained terminology.

What they need are some reallt good maps and some decent explanations. Are these trails signposted? Are they accessible by public transportation? Is there water on the trails? Shelter? Campsites? I’m sure you’ve been on some trails in Taiwan. They overgrow really fast if people don’t use them all the time. They collapse, too. I’d never just head out somewhere based on the entries on that site and expect to go hiking. I suspect that’s their intention actually.

There is an immense amount of money going into trail development. They can do much better than this. Think of Taipei Day Trips books for the whole island.