Nationwide: English-speaking computer repair


[quote=“jands”]Hi all,

Is Nationwide still operating? I sent them an email 2 days ago and no reply, also tried to call but keep getting voice mail.[/quote]

I’ve had the same experience, sent an email and didn’t receive a reply, then received a call which I didn’t pick up in time. Sent a text message back immediately, and tried to call, but the number was engaged and I didn’t receive a call back or a reply to the text message. It’s very odd, because previously Nam has always been quick to respond and has driven out promptly to deliver whatever I purchased. I’ve always had excellent service from Nam, but now it looks like he can’t be found.


Nam contacted me today by phone, and all is good. :slight_smile:


Hi All!

Just a quick update to my current state of affairs…
I went incommunicado for a while to work on a then failing marriage and to support my wife who finally came to grips with post part-om (don’t know if I spelled that right) depression.
I didn’t have much choice at that point as all was essentially at the end of the rope…
First off, I want to say sorry for not being reachable to new clients or customers who needed my services while I was busy elsewhere.
I know it wasn’t a pretty way to deal with the issues at hand, but it was the only way I could manage them. Family first.
Running a business that caters to end users and corporate clientele the like, while teaching at a middle school (full-time) and pre-MBA students while dealing with being the sole bread winner in a home with a seriously depressed Chinese mother of two can be a little much at times. Admittedly, almost too much for me in the end. Some of you were well aware of my marital issues around the time of mention as well. Feel free to chime in at any time…
I dropped nearly everything for a while, including teaching, to work on the family.
I did not completely shut down, but rather, only took on as much as I could chew at any given time.
I have techs and engineers for my corporate end, but deal with the end-user part of the business myself. Always have. I do this to maintain a consistent level of quality control and customer service. I fear hiring someone who’ll be short of humility(or fuse) and destroy the reputation that I’ve worked so hard to create over the years.(previous to this laps)


Upon having worked out my marital and family issues, I made every effort to make amends with any customers who where affected.
In some cases, at a major loss in terms of expense. I also extended warranties for all who had trouble reaching me or received poor services during the laps. Neither of which do I think you’d get from any or at least most other retailers or service providers, here or in the western world.

Not an excuse, but rather, an apology for the major laps in quality of service to my end-user customers.
I’m not perfect, but it can never be said that I don’t make great effort to provide quality products and services to my clientele.
At times, at a personal loss.

Anyone who knows me on a personal level(quite a few of you by now) should know that I am sincere in this.

All of this being said, I’m back in the swing of things and revamping my site.
All sales and services are back in full swing and I still offer 3 year limited warranties on most new systems.
My schedule is, as it was a few years back, so I can afford the balance of time between family and work again.
Just wanted to say that, and, thanks to those of you who were (at times more than) understanding while I was going through marital troubles.

Thanks for your support for NationWide and I’ll continue to make every effort to deserve it…


And thank YOU, Nam, for your continued support over the years. You’ve stood by us, and we’ll stand by you. :thumbsup: :bravo:

(As I speak, I’m typing this on my new office computer system that Nam recently installed at a moments notice. Windows 7 is awesome, btw!)


[quote=“european”]^ I would not recommend Nationwide.
My class mate used him a couple of times.

The guy’s a nice fella but his way of running his business is atrocious.
I know he is busy but…

If he was in Canada he wouldn’t have a business.
It would be deemed unacceptable.
But as someone once pointed out to me, we’re not in Canada.

If you have a lot of time on your hands and are prepared to wait and wait go for it.

Me, I would grab a local friend and go to the computer market.
You’ll have a new computer sorted within a couple of hours.

If Nationwide get their act together they have potential. But they need to work at customer care.[/quote]

Fair enough, mate!
You are mostly right with your comment


If we were in Canada, I(as well as any other service provider), would charge you $100-$200/hr for services rendered; offering you even better service than I already do for less that a third of that(I charge a flat rate of $NT1,000/$30CAD for all repairs made).
If we were in Canada, most of my end-user clients, here, wouldn’t be able to afford a computer at all.
If we were in Canada, I’d be working for Bell or Rogers or doing contracts with Tridel or other various developers(what I was doing prior to coming to Taiwan).


We’re not in Canada, so I provide a comprehensive computer repair, sales and support service to ex-pats that would otherwise have to go out of their way, just to get essential equipment or services to maintain connectivity via computing or IT.
We’re not in (insert western country of origin here), so I’ve gone out of my way for nearly a decade to make sure that such services are attainable and affordable.

Take a look back in the posts and see…
Before I came along, westerners were ripping each other off, selling systems that were two generations old for the price of current generation systems of the time.
NationWide Computers is one of the few reputable(even if only arguably so) foreign owned and operated businesses still going (and growing) today…

We’ve admittedly had a few hiccups since the beginning, but have proudly offered some of the best deals as well as the best services on the island.
Straight up!
We push for our customers in a fashion that few other retailers would, or could…

Few (if any) retailers will try to get your (insert name of major manufacturer’s name here) lappy repaired at no cost when your warranty has just run out…

There’s a lot more to what we do than just repairs, sales or support…
We’re very proud of this and continue to make every effort to improve upon it.

My name is Nam; and I AM (Soviet)CANADIAN! :canada: :wink: :canada:


Nam, I read your post with a tsunami of mixed feelings (if I can be pardoned the metaphor in the current circumstances). I’m delighted to hear your service is available again, as I was bewailing its absence just yesterday, noting that you were the only person I knew who:

  • Delivered in person, for free
  • Took full responsibility for warranties
  • Accepted cash or bank transfer payments
  • Offered outstanding purchasing and technical advice
  • Makes extraordinary efforts to locate and obtain specific tech items which are virtually impossible to find anywhere else (non-standard models, high end products, etc)
  • Carried out repairs and maintenance at something close to cost (you cannot possibly be making any real money on this, surely?)
  • Did I mention free delivery, in person?

On the other hand I’m extremely sorry to hear of the pain you’ve been through recently, and so pleased to hear that you seem to have made it through ok. I understand what ‘european’ wrote from his point of view, but I completely agree with your reply. I actually came here to the tech forum just now specifically to look for an alternative to your service, without any hope that I would find anything remotely comparable and preparing myself to settle for the best of the worst. I have a couple of tech requests to make, but I’ll hold them over for a week or so to give you time to breathe; they’re nothing urgent. Take care.


Thanks to Nam for fixing Icon up with a proper, simple, economical computer, and going beyond the call of duty to attempt to resucitate the cadaver of the previous one, all promptly and honestly. :slight_smile:



My name is Nam; and I am (Soviet)Canadian! :canada: :wink: :canada:[/quote]

I loved that advert. Bloody marvelous.


No one seems to be answering the phone at Nationwide. Are there alternatives for computer repair? I need help asap.

The hard drive that Nam installed two or three years ago has shut itself down because of fatal errors, right before the school year (my busiest time for using my computer) which really sucks.



If it’s within warranty period RMA it if not buy another hard drive.

Trying to extract files from a dead hard drive is CIA level stuff.


Im thinking about buying a computer from new egg. has anyone ever done that? are they good?


Little late to give advice, but I’d recommend building your own every time. If you need help, just PM me.


Hi I just want to let everyone know if you want someone to fix your computer Nam is THE guy! He is extremely careful with how he treats your computer and its issues and does everything he can to solve any problems. He charges a very reasonable rate and his service is above board! I highly recommend him and know he will be my computer guy forever after :slight_smile: Thanks Nam!!


Everytime I get a Computer expert to come and sort out problems,I forget all the Passwords. It’s a nightmare. Should have followed this idea !


Hello everybody! How can I find nationwide office in Taipei? I have already lost all my hope waiting for them to reply me via e-mail, and there is no whereabouts on their website:(



My name is Nam; and I am (Soviet)Canadian! :canada: :wink: :canada:[/quote]

I loved that advert. Bloody marvelous.[/quote]

Nam is the computer repair person that I will most certainly use again. (hopefully, not soon.) He was quick and fair. No B.S., just good work and a warranty to boot.
Thanks Nam.

General Information:
Products & Sales:
Supp for Prods Purchased:
Telephone: 092 676 3664 (International) +886 9 2676 3664


We bought a PC from ages ago. Didn’t regret it for one moment. Well worth it!


I’m looking for a minor repair on a macbook keyboard (loose key) and read a comment elsewhere in the forum about an Apple repair centre in Nova near Taipei Main that can do work on the spot or in no more than a day or two. Can anyone confirm it’s still there before I go carting all the way across town with my laptop? I did pop into an Apple shop elsewhere, and got some frankly frightening spiel about having to send it away for three weeks. But that guy may have been an idiot.


I live in BeiTou and will repair computers for a fee :slight_smile: Minimum $50 though~ Just PM me. Desktops only - No Macs :wink:


Whatever happened to Nam’s site? He built me a great pc about 8 years ago… swapped out the HD after it died last year. The rest of the thing is still ticking along just fine!

Best Bloody PC I ever had built!