Nationwide: Level 2 epidemic warning (from September 7, 2021) - Rules, FAQ

“Level 2 epidemic warning” has been issued for whole Taiwan. CDC CDC2
Rules, implications, FAQ here in this thread.

Generally, keep up to date by following news from Taiwan’s official state news agency CNA. The official CECC announcements are here.

The rules
A. General principles (the following adjustments to the control measures for the transportation and travel industries will be implemented starting the announcement date set by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications):

  1. Masks must be worn at all times when outside except when consuming food and beverages.
  2. Contact information registration measures and social distancing must be implemented.
  3. Crowd control or capacity limit management at commercial business venues and public venues: a distance of at least 1.5 meters per person (2.25 square meters per person) is required indoors and a distance of 1 meter per person (1 square meters per person) is required outdoors.
  4. The limit on the number of people in gatherings: 80 people indoors and 300 people outdoors. An epidemic prevention and control plan is required if the number of people in a gathering exceeds the limit.
  5. Dine-in service management: places with dine-in services shall follow the Ministry of Health and Welfare regulations.
  6. Wedding banquets and public memorial services are allowed.
    (1). Public memorial services shall abide by epidemic prevention and control regulations issued by the Ministry of Interior.
    (2) Every partitioned-off area at a wedding banquet must abide by the epidemic prevention rule of 80 or fewer people indoors and 300 or fewer people outdoors; guests must follow guidelines on dining, and toasting each table is not allowed.
  7. Swimming pools and indoor and outdoor sports grounds and stadiums: conditionally open shower facilities, cold and hot pools, spa pools, and children’s splash pools.
  8. Taiwan Railways Administration: the sale of all seat tickets for express trains resumes, while standing-only tickets are not sold.
  9. Taiwan High Speed Rail: the sale of all seat tickets for trains resumes, and all seats are reassigned as reserved.
  10. National scenic areas and the tourism and amusement industry: the limit on the capacity is increased to 80%.
  11. The maximum number of passengers on a tour bus is limited to 80 percent of the approved number of seats; passengers must wear a mask at all times, and consuming food and beverages is prohibited on tour buses.

B. Venues that remain closed under the Level 2 epidemic alert:

  1. Singing and dance venues, nightclubs, clubs, hostess bars, bars, KTVs, MTVs, beauty parlors (tourist parlors and audio-video parlors).
  2. Arcades, video game arcades, Internet cafes, majiang clubs, and other similar venues.

FAQ for Taiwan level 3 epidemic warning
(work in progress, need details and verification)

  • Does public transportation still run? Yes (link)

  • Do supermarkets, grocery stores, convenience stores stay open? Yes, but registration by 1922 QR code&SMS or paper list with phone number/name required for better contact tracing.

  • I don’t have a Taiwan telephone number, or can’t send SMS. How can I use the 1922 QR code registration system? You can use the TaipeiPass app instead. See this tweet by @au Audrey Tang

  • Do food or grocery delivery services still operate? Yes CNA6
    Here is a list of online food delivery services.

  • Do I need to hoard masks, toilet paper, or food? No (CNA9)

  • Is self paid vaccination still possible? No new registrations, already registered appointments have been cancelled, availability of 2nd doses not sure yet (link)

  • Do universities still open? Yes, but campuses are closed for non-students (link)

  • Do banks still work? Yes, but might reduce opening hours (FSC)


I’m making an off-topic post to suggest that people make this thread just for what’s actually going on with regulations, not random observations of crowds. Otherwise it’ll become as unwieldy as the other threads, and therefore unhelpful.


Excellent suggestion, I’ll simply delete other stuff so if there’s any doubt please don’t post it here.


Traditional markets

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Since this is the Level 3 “rules” thread, it may be helpful to link a story with more details about some of the penalties for noncompliance.

  • Not complying with the limits of indoor / outdoor gatherings (including religious processions)? between NT$60,000 and NT$300,000

  • Not wearing a mask after leaving home? up to NT$15,000

  • A business that does not comply with the new rules? up to NT$300,000

Minister Chen’s explanation:

“The aim is not to punish, but to set up rules that people can abide by,” Chen stressed, urging people to cooperate with the government and follow the rules.





In Chinese

For leaving your name at places in Taipei City, it sounds like this Taipei City app works at a bunch of places - 北市推實名制神器 申請專屬QR code省去手寫表格 - 生活 - 中時新聞網

Download links: 下載安裝APP.台北通

I say sounds like because if you have an ARC it requires manual verification of your account that takes 1-2 business days :upside_down_face:


For parents, look here:

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I haven’t been able to find it through the English site. It does pop directly up in the Chinese version but I haven’t tried it yet.

Hold on.

EDIT - I wasn’t able to do it - the numbers aren’t visible on the back of my card. It does have info for foreign names, requires an APRC or ARC for non-Taiwanese and seems to be easy enough…though it’s all in Chinese.

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Restrictions of Entering Taiwan


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For pet owners in Taipei, specifically dog owners, how can I find out about the rules for walking dogs if we were to move to level 4. I’m hearing mixed answers from friends.

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Related article in Mandarin

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Q&A on CDC site says “The indoor party must not exceed 5 people (inclusive)” in Chinese, to make it clear that 5 are included in the prohibited number. It is one of things hard to understand for me why people are so confused by the word. It clearly means “and above” as @finley said.

Many English articles say over 5, 5+, or often more than 5, so they are unclear or wrong, but Chinese is very clear.

This article correctly says “more than 4”

This site also correctly says “5 or more”

All family or social gatherings indoors with 5 or more people are banned

Level 3 COVID-19 Alert in Place for Taipei City Effective May 15


starting 7/13

LINE @1955mw_ph


Note however this is going to vary widely by city and county, so I’m afraid the chart no longer provides much of a guideline.


for Taipei


Health Minister Chen Shih-chung (陳時中) said in Saturday’s (July 17) pandemic update that masks are still mandatory at all times during the semi-lockdown. However, eating and drinking in the car for family members who live together will not be penalized. This does not apply if one of the passengers is not a family member or doesn’t live in the household.