Nationwide: Level 2 epidemic warning (from September 7, 2021) - Rules, FAQ

This week, the CECC plans to lift the ban on eating and drinking in train ticketing areas, remove the cap on tour bus passengers, and reopen cultural and sports events. Starting Oct. 5, some leisure and entertainment venues such as KTV and MTV will be opened with conditions.
The following leisure and entertainment venues will remain closed:
Karaoke parlors, dance halls, nightclubs, hostess bars, bars, and barbershops offering sexual services.


New rules (relaxed regulations) on indoor dining are now in effect in Taipei City:



In a Facebook post uploaded at noon on Friday, Minister without Portfolio Chang Ching-sen (張景森) wrote that he ran into Chen and asked him if it was necessary to wear a mask when hiking in the mountains. He claimed that Chen responded by saying, “Why would you need to?”

Chang said that many people including himself had believed that masks were mandatory at all times when going outside. Chen responded by saying, "There is no such requirement. When out in an open field without any people, there is no need to wear a mask."

Chen then added, "You only need to wear one when coming close to other hikers." Chang then asked Chen if he could reveal these comments to the public and he agreed.


The CECC head responded by stating that the center will announce adjustments to outdoor masking-wearing rules on Sunday. Chen said that he has received feedback from the Council of Agriculture and other government departments that it is “a bit unreasonable” for people plowing fields alone or hiking on their own or with family members in the mountains to have to wear face masks.






Regarding the HSR…

Don’t do it! Even though the regs say you can eat, I’m on the HSR right now and they just announced no eating or drinking on the train. The attendants have also been suspiciously eyeing the Starbucks carry out bag sitting on my seat tray each time they walk by, as if they’re waiting to pounce on me. I don’t dare until I get to Taichung.

EDIT: I wonder now if the English is wrong in the regulation. Perhaps they mean eating is permitted in train stations, not in the trains themselves.

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That’s how I understood the regulations.

Since HSR is fast, I hope you didn’t need to eat/drink in the cramped toilets on the train like last time. :grin:


What does the Chinese version say?