Nationwide: Level 3 epidemic warning (until July 12, 2021) - Rules, FAQ

That’s a humdinger of a mistranslation on the CDC website then.


This might not be a reliable indicator: at some point the Taipei Public Library extended due dates for all borrowed materials to Aug 1. Last month it had updated them all to mid-June - I had just logged on to check which day.

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A coworker says it can be a point of confusion in Mandarin for TW folks too. Some websites (he looked up a bank’s) have fine print that defines exactly what they mean when they use terrms like 以上. He thinks the CDC should have added some wording about “inclusive” or the like. It seems a bit like “or” in English - is the default meaning OR or XOR?

Another complication is that he believes in PRC, 以上 is usually exclusive (4以上 = 5+) and that might be skewing automated translation results, if CDC were using them.

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That’s interesting.

It should be easy to clarify in writing. Just say “a maximum of 4 people”. Can’t see how there would be any confusion there.

What happens when there are six people in the family and maybe Grandpa comes over for dinner? Does one of my kids have to sit in the kitchen or the carport?

Is there a general rule for large or extended families? Fortunately we live in a somewhat safe out of the way area.

the rule is, families of 4 or more cannot have a guest for indoor family events, unless some of them are out. The indoor gathering is banned for 5 and more.

Is there anywhere that specifies the rule? I don’t trust the English translations to get the subtlety right, and all the Mandarin sources I can find only say ‘5人以上’. Everyone I know thought it was ‘maximum 5 people’. My roommates and I have been very strict about people coming over to not exceed the limit, so I want to make sure we have this right.

I am sure the Chinese means 5 or more. It doesn’t mean more than 5. You could check a dictionary.

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I’ve never seen any ‘以上’ used to mean anything other than ‘and above’. So 5 people, or more, is verboten. As for the question about large families, I doubt anyone even thought about that, so expect the people handing out fines to be as confused as you are.

Thanks for your input, I have asked my Taiwanese friends and they are as confused as I am. Just a few messages above you can see

I doubt that such fine print exists for the CDC rules, but I would still like to see something that specifies this.

Q&A on CDC site says “The indoor party must not exceed 5 people (inclusive)” in Chinese, to make it clear that 5 are included in the prohibited number. It is one of things hard to understand for me why people are so confused by the word. It clearly means “and above” as @finley said.

Many English articles say over 5, 5+, or often more than 5, so they are unclear or wrong, but Chinese is very clear.

This article correctly says “more than 4”

This site also correctly says “5 or more”

All family or social gatherings indoors with 5 or more people are banned

Level 3 COVID-19 Alert in Place for Taipei City Effective May 15


Interestingly, this article suggests that the police now have the right to enter and inspect private property without a warrant. Stay safe!

It’s good that IKEA is still open, I should buy some furniture suitable to hide my “extra” two children.

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