Native teacher in Kinmen needs materials

Is there anyone in Taiwan that has old newspapers,comic books, and magazines, or knows of a 7-11, newstand of sorts that has Native English media. I am willing to pay for shipping and a small fee to someone willing to do the leg work.
On Kinmen 7-11 does not have any English materials and I have yet to find any newstands that sell English as well.

Instead of paying someone to ship materials, I would suggest that you find teaching materials for free on the Internet.

Here I have assembled a list of numerous websites that offer free teaching materials for EFL/ESL (lesson plans, games, activities, etc.):

The following are some of my personal favorites:

I second the Internet suggestion. Thousands of sites available.

Just a few of the ones I use (other than the ones already mentioned above):

And if you’re looking for newspapers, they also have web sites.

I was thinking more like real stuff, like menues, housing ads, sports venues and movie programs, etc… Those things are gold in ESL.

KIds and youngsters like colorful materials, like the stuff you make out of old Sports Illustrated. And cartoons, better in color .

And my favorite, the National Enquirer -is it still on print?- great for reading comp exercises.

You should be able to get all of those things online, and in color… right?

You should be able to get all of those things online, and in color… right?[/quote]

Yeah, but they lack the greasy, smelly feeling of the real thing…

I mean, most EFL menus are already “simplified”. It is nice to throw in a real life challenge.

And I love, luv, cutting up stuff. :smiley:

I dunno about you, but when we were mere teachers in training, they made us make these picture collections, so the students ciould use them to make descriptions, make up stories, practice tenses, etc…

and we don’t know whether the OP has easy access to a decent printer and reliable Internet connection…