Natural calamity!

Hi, I am new in this forum and as my husband and I may have to move from Shanghai to Taipei I will have some questions. We have been in Shanghai for a year and an half and we kind of like here, not sure we want to move, It is up to us. I have got few q. that boders me like, How often earthquakes happen in Taipei and how strong are they? What about the flood, do they disrupt your life when it accurs, do houses get flodded?

I have the impression that Taipei is not a high profile expat city like Hong Kong and Shanghai, which could be positive and negative at the same time.
Has anyone here move from Shanghai to Taipei? What are the main differences?

Didn’t move from Shangai to Taipei, but can help you with your other questions.
There are a lot of earthquakes here but most of them you won’t feel if you live in Taipei.
A good rocking-wobbling-bit-scarry earthquake would happen maybe 2 or 3 times a year.

I lived in Taipei city for 13 years and it was flooded once a few years ago. Typhoon season is in summer and usually there is no work when that happens.

Wellcome to the community! :wink: