Natural / LPG gas detector recommendations

So I thought that it smelled weird near the pipe of our LPG cylinder in the balcony. Other people in home could not sense it but just to be sure that there is no gas leakage I want to buy a gas detector.

Do you have any product recommendations? (I found this one on PChome for ~1200 TWD but not sure if it’s good)


Very good question indeed, especially with the coming of winter, when deaths due to gas poisoning rise exponentially.

I only have experience with the ones sold at Costco andI really cannot tell if they are good or not. More like fire alarms, you paste them where you need them.

I enquired for such a gas detector at local Carrefour and 3C branches. They did not have it.

Kimo is the best way to go. Will last a long time.

thanks for reco. That one seems to have 3 sensors O2, CO-H2 and NO. But I think LPG gas has different chemical formula.

Correction: On further reading

The Kimo KIGAZ210 features 15 pre-programmed combustible fuel types that can be selected when testing: Sahara/Fos-sur-Mer natural gas, Groningen natural gas, Russia/North Sea natural gas, propane, LPG, butane, …

so may be these three sensors are used when detecting these wide variety of gases.

You probably don`t need something that fancy, but it is a lovely instrument. The 110 is a little cheaper: