Naturalisation - Processing while overseas


Congrats on successfully appyling for a TW passport at TECO.

What documents other than your naturalization certificate were you required to provide?

I’m aslo thinking about applying for a NWOHR passport at a TECO in my home country but the lady told me over the phone she’s never processed passport applications for naturalized citizens and not sure if it’s even possible :expressionless:

I should be able to apply for one at a TECO with the following documents according to 護照申請及核發辦法:

一、身分證件。=> passport from home country

二、具有我國國籍之證明文件。=> naturalization certificate

三、駐外館處規定之證明文件。 => ???

but not sure what additional documents they may or may not require.

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She’s an idiot… typical.

Some photos and my Australian passport - I think this was just to show my birth name so I guess a birth certificate or something else could be used instead. That’s all I think. I think I may have provided a copy of my ARC too but I applied for my TARC at the same time so it could have been for that

She tried to force me to provide a copy of proof of my parent’s Taiwanese nationality which obviously doesn’t exist or I wouldn’t have had to naturalise.

Email the TECO office asking her asking the requirements and if she replies with any nonsense complain to both BOCA and the MOI and she will get back to you VERY quickly with the real requirements. Keep it all in writing

That’s what I did. They always provide bullshi*t first. Then you complain, then you get a real answer.

It seems like complaints against individuals or individual offices are very serious for them.

Thank you :slight_smile:



The requirements are on the application form and are very simple and clear.

The problem is, like any government office or bank, the staff don’t want to follow the rules and make up their own.


They just assume at least one of your parents is Taiwanese :roll_eyes:

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They simply disregard naturalised nationals

Just noticed they added this TARC information to my local TECO’s website. Probably thanks to my complaints :joy:

They don’t really have any information on passport applications


Some TECOs have a page on how to apply for a TW passport after an ex-TW has resumed TW citizenship. Naturalized citizens should also be able to apply with the same documents but some TECOs require more documentation than others like your TW household registration that shows you’ve lost TW citizenship (which of course a naturalized citizen doesn’t have).

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Did you email BOCA at Unlike MOI and NIA, BOCA doesn’t seem to have a “contact us” page that ensures a response. I’ve tried calling BOCA before but they never pick up the phone…

I think I used to contact email on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the ministry of the interior’s website

I can’t find the response from them now


Just went to exchange my paper TARC for the card. The lady (same cow as previously) didn’t know what to do on the computers so still incompetent but in a nice turn of events she didn’t blame us and pretty sure she has submitted it.

Only here for a quick visit and to submit my renunciation document, I’m on my way to MOFA Taichung at the moment

MOFA was the easiest government bureau I’ve ever dealt with. Also the guy saw my document was verified by TECO Melbourne and he said he lived there for a year and a half


I got my TARC from NIA


I’m picking mine up tomorrow :smile: