Naturalized hoops player to sing national anthem at New Year event

For those not in the know, ‘hoops’ means basketball. What message is the president trying to send?


“The theme was chosen to shine the light on the nature of Taiwanese people”…by letting non-Taiwanese sing the national anthem? That’s an odd choice.

In before:“they’re naturalized!” -> I don’t have my “mice born in a barn” image here.

The message is, If you’re not as great as him, don’t bother applying


Look, play basketball and we will give you ROC nationality.

Worth getting up at 4am to stand in the security line to get in. Cool.

Rifat the Youtuber is getting naturalized? Cool.

Let’s all open a YouTube Chanel to promote Taiwan back home! This is the easiest way to receive the citizenship without losing your original one. Total JOKE!

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Just walked by a buxiban. They are offering courses on how to become a YouTuber. It that allows me to work from home and get ROC nationality, I’m in.


2019 Resolution!

I wonder if the singers were chosen just for their prominence, or did somebody ask them if they could sing (and knew all the words of the anthem)?

You might already know the answer to that

Did you hear the mayor of Kaoshiung singing at New Years? He and his companions couldn’t sing but was the first thing I heard in 2019.

Quincy, unlike the Turkish fellow et al, actually renounced his original U.S. citizenship, even though his naturalization period was otherwise streamlined.

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There’s a voice from the past.