Navy Missile Hits Spy Satellite

Initial reports are coming in that it was a success. Interesting to see what more complete reports detail.

[quote]Navy Missile Hits Spy Satellite
Feb 20 11:18 PM US/Eastern, By ROBERT BURNS
AP Military Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) - A missile launched from a Navy ship struck a dying U.S. spy satellite passing 130 miles over the Pacific on Wednesday, the Pentagon said.

It was not clear whether the operation succeeded in its main goal of destroying a tank aboard the satellite that carried a toxic fuel that U.S. officials said could pose a hazard to humans if it landed in a populated area.

“Confirmation that the fuel tank has been fragmented should be available within 24 hours,” the Pentagon said in a written statement.

The USS Lake Erie, armed with an SM-3 missile designed to knock down incoming missiles—not orbiting satellites—launched the attack at 10:26 p.m. EST, according to the Pentagon. It hit the satellite as the spacecraft traveled at more than 17,000 mph.

Because the satellite was orbiting at a relatively low altitude at the time it was hit by the missile, debris will begin to re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere immediately, the Pentagon statement said.

“Nearly all of the debris will burn up on re-entry within 24-48 hours and the remaining debris should re-enter within 40 days,” it said.

The use of the Navy missile amounted to an unprecedented use of components of the Pentagon’s missile defense system, designed to shoot down hostile ballistic missiles in flight—not kill satellites.

The operation was so extraordinary, with such intense international publicity and political ramifications, that Defense Secretary Robert Gates—not a military commander—was to make the final decision to pull the trigger.

The government organized hazardous materials teams, under the code name “Burnt Frost,” to be flown to the site of any dangerous or otherwise sensitive debris that might land in the United States or elsewhere.

Also, six federal response groups that are positioned across the country by the Federal Emergency Management Agency have been alerted but not activated, FEMA spokesman James McIntyre said. “These are purely precautionary and preparedness actions only,” he said. … _article=1[/quote]

I was hoping for a laser shoot down…but thats just me…:smiley:


Well well well…stay safe!

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Sounds pretty sweet - can they use them to knock out enemy communication systems as well?

Do our enemies have communication satellites?

Yes, Canada for instance.

That depends if you e.g. consider China an enemy.

Everyone is a potential friend, and a potential enemy.

Everyone is a potential friend, and a potential enemy.[/quote]
What about our real enemies?

They are potential friends, of course.

Last I heard Canada’s satellite was not working. All it would do was go, “How’s it goin’ eh? How’s it goin’ eh? How’s it goin’ eh?”

Do our enemies have communication satellites?[/quote]

nah, they have internet cables strewn across the ocean…opps…they “had”

Dear Employees of the Taipei Times:

“US missile hits satellite carrying toxic fuel”

You are such a bunch of losers.

<insert head-up-a** photo>

Another bunch of losers are the professional news folks at SET TV. They aired a story about how the US will try to shoot down a satellite after it had been shot down already. :unamused: That’s Taiwan’s news media for ya.

Video of missle hit…

Direct Hit! Raw Video Shows Navy Missile Destroying Doomed Satellite

Shows launch and later the hit. Good commentary also.