Nazi Themed Hair Salon


Hair salon in hsinchu. Apparently the German and Israeli embassies have demanded he remove it but this guy just doesn’t care. Insists it’s just a coincidence.
I hear he does a good Hitler youth


Maybe, just maybe people might have given the owner the benefit of the doubt when he said it was “just a coincidence” except for the fact he called his salon “The Berlin Hair Salon”.

Anyway, after a bit of pressure his position now is.

After an apparent change of heart, the owner later indicated he would consider removing the sign if he could find the money to replace it.

Which roughly translates as “bugger off and leave me alone and I will hope you forget about me”.


Wasn’t there a group who people who also demanded the strict censorship of things allowed and not allowed to be expressed. Oh yeah, the Nazis.


I think there are quite a few people in Taiwan that admire the visual style of the Nazis and don’t fully understand the history. I remember I saw another hair salon called “Sieg” (“victory” in German), which had a similar appearance. I have a buddy working in the fashion industry and he just looooves the uniforms…


The Nazis were pretty stylish. Their uniforms were made and designed by Hugo boss.


Yeah. Whatever you think of them, they had their aesthetics down pat. Reading about what happened a few years ago with the high school kids who dressed up as Nazis I think the reaction was a bit unfair.


It’s weird that Taiwan and Japanese people seem to not know much about the Nazi and WW2. Considering the ROC and japan were both in the war and both once allied with the Nazis. CKSs son was a Nazi panzer commander as well.

This is a trend in japan apparently.


Yeah, the Japanese and their history education…
Glad they put the older gentleman into the video. Nice contrast between him and the younglings.


Pretty sure if you’d ask the average American (or French for that matter) what happened in China during WW2, most of them would go duh. Even the more educated, who might have heard of the Nanking Massacre, would stare blankly at you if you’d mention the “Three Alls Policy,” ten times worse in terms of casualty.


Nipponese guy referring to the Nazis as “the bad guys”.
That’s rich.


I suppose this is true. Maybe I just don’t know any, but I’ve not met many history buffs in Taiwan. There are plenty in the US who love this stuff. For whatever reason I don’t find Taiwanese people that interested or knowledgeable about history. I don’t think they teach any history in school until maybe middle school as well.


My impression is they tend to teach it in a very dry, cold hard facts manner, and a lot of people come to glaze over about it for that reason.


You never met any of my in-laws, man.
Maybe it’s a down south thing, but they mostly hate the Nipponesers (for historical reasons) like a fat kid hates gym class.
I mean like my generation, their parents’ generation are pretty neutral on it.
I once asked my Father IL about it, he was a kid when they were here.
He just shrugged and said “Not bad”.


That’s probably true. I was thinking it’s probably also due to the lack of or divided national identity.


My grandfather would one minute say something about some bs that he had to go through from the Japanese and the next minute sing traditional Japanese songs from those times on karaoke.


There is no strict censorship going on. He hasn’t been hauled off to jail. The guy is obviously ignorant and people are making him aware of his ignorance.

Free speech doesn’t really mean you have the right to offend anyone you want and then criticizing anyone taking issue with your actions as acting like a Nazi. That’s just being a dickhead.


Because he has some guaranteed rights in Taiwan. I also think he is a dumbass. But he’s allowed to do it and not breaking any laws.

I think it is Nazi like to not allow Nazi symbols. I guess it’s not clear what it meant by demand. It just said demanded. Why does the German Institute demand someone into censorship in a foreign country where he has the right to do that.


I am pretty sure they asked nicely to just consider a change


I think free speech does include all of that. Including the dickhead bit.


Ok, could be K mans poor writing. I assuming When a foreign “embassy” demands something
.they followed up by some sort of repercussions if they don’t.