Nazi Themed Hair Salon


That’s really pushing it. It says they “call on” them to immediately make the change. It’s not a demand. And really, how nice do you want to be to people like this.


This is true, but the language in that statement is pretty strident (it feels like a demand), and from a practical standpoint, using that kind of language tends to make people here dig their heels in even deeper, especially when it’s coming from foreigners.


Yeah, but asking nice is a recipe for being refused as well. Then you got nothing to say. Anyone obtuse enough to use this stuff in their business advertising is not a good candidate for the approach.


Who said anything about asking nice? I think a boycott would be more effective. He’ll probably have a much different reaction when he feels a sharp pain in his wallet.


Someone did up a bit.


Firs of all, the German institute needs to shut the fuck up and improve their own attitude when it comes to discrimination, human rights and simply being decent humans who can respect other people’s rights.
As much as I would like to go to the hair salon and punch this owner into the face. This is Taiwan with a different history and they don’t have to comply with German law, which exists for a reason. Someone should remind those people in the German office from time to time.
Taiwan is not respected as a country in Germany. When people from Taiwan apply for a visa at the German Institute at Taipei 101, they have to face a complete different set of rules compared to Japanese, Koreans, Brazilian etc.
So Taipei Institute, shut the fuck up, you are not even an Embassy/Consulate.


Once you put it this way. Instead of recognizing Taiwan they rather recognize an authoritarian state that has concentration camps and engages in ethnic cleansing. Little hypocritical there. Perhaps they would bring these up with China the same way they asked the dumbass hair salon in their UN human rights council meeting. The Nazis are long gone, there’s actual human rights atrocities going on. Why Thr German institute feels they should say something here about the evils of profiting from the Nazi symbol and not about actual concentration camps and ethnic cleansing going on today?


yea this seems pretty hypocritical now this point has been raised. somebody should bring it to them.

although it doesn’t make a difference to what the guy did. fair enough people here are still ignorant to WW2 history, but deciding to be defiant about it afterwards was a complete wanker move. maybe its a taiwanese thing of not admitting when you are wrong. in this situation you really should just own up to it.


I don’t think it’s possible that it was a honest mistake. Logos for businesses like this are extremely important and people spend a lot of time and money on making one. The going price for a low level graphic designer to design an original logo is around 5k in Taiwan, all the way up to 25-30k for top talent that I saw. I’m not buying no one saw this and I really think they did it on purpose.


Maybe this thread could be merged with the recent race and IQ thread?

Also I don’t get how Germans get to be up on a high horse about this.


On the other hand, one can at least credit Germany for having the sack to officially acknowledge the nation’s bad behaviour during the war and actually attempt to legislate against practices that could encourage a resurgence of such heinous actions.
Compared to the the Nipponese, who, despite slaughtering and ass-raping to death the majority of Asia and the South Pacific, have never even actually apologized, never mind taken measures to avoid it happening again.

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Oh, and you say this

like it’s a bad thing?




There are indeed. War in Iraq and Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan. Mexican drug war. Those are the most serious ones. No need to point out which particular major global power is… ahem


My guess is the owner could not think of a catchy store name and some bud told him this type of logo and store name would catch a lot of attention. While logo and store names are definitely important…too many times I have been asked to come up with some catchy name by people who seem to think doing actual research and market consideration of the name/logo is a waste of time.


well it was called berlin so theres no doubt it was on purpose. i was just saying taiwanese seem to be quite ignorant to this being a sensitive issue for whatever reason, so i could forgive the first mistake but not after he insists to keep it.


Probably he went to Berlin once and thought, that would be a snappy name, and show how urbane I am. But how will people know what the hell Bo-Lin is. What will make them think of Germany? A couple of swastikas will do the trick.


‘The undercut’ must be the most popular choice of hairstyle.


The owner should demand that the embassy force Lufthansa to stop referring to Taiwan as a province of China since apparently forcing your views on private companies outside your jurisdiction is the cool thing to do now.


I once saw an older gentleman – real salt of the earth type – in a rural area of Taiwan standing next to his pride and joy – a well-kept VW, complete with prominent Nazi swastika sticker on the back window. Because nothing quite says German quality like a swastika.

The salon’s sign is disgraceful, of course… but if the owner wanted to be shamefully ignorant and offensive, he could’ve at least gone the whole hog: SS uniforms, portrait of Fuhrer on the wall, a Reiksadler decoration or two, customers greeted with a cheery Seig heil ! at the door, Wagner on the radio, ethnic cleansing rinses and Blitzkrieg blowdries…