Nazi Themed Hair Salon


I heard (unconfirmed) that the owner is relenting after urine and feces were left outside his door.


That’s a bit hard to believe. Having trouble imagining who’d bother and/or take the risk. Not like it was a rising sun or something





Anyone that would defend this idiot; calling his hair salon “Berlin” and hanging swastikas outside, is also an idiot.


Ich bin ein Berliner.


I am a hambuger?


No, only a complete idiot would make that mistake.


Maybe it’s named after the band.


I’m feeling a bit guilty about my reply. I was making a joke about JFK. He didn’t actually refer to donuts or otherwise during his speech. I do apologise if I came over a bit naughty there.


If a Berliner is a pastry and a Hamburger is a sandwich, what is a Londoner?


No worries, I took it all with a pinch of slat.

Doner kebab?


I find them far more glass-hearted than I am.



OK, not an Anglophile…


Londoners are rarely British.


The broth thickens…


Keep the Beatles away from the soup everybody!


And Mr. Lin too.


You think he’s a soup Nazi?!?


or just the master of his domain?