Nazi Themed Hair Salon


If the owner came out and say this, he would gain points for sincerity but lose face for stupidity.


More like, “Ich bin ein Wiener.”


Do they specialize in the Hitler flick?


WW2 guilt.


On a side note, the sandwich was named after the Earl of Sandwich and Wellington boots after the Duke of Wellington. Had it been the other way round, you would be eating wellingtons and wearing sandwichs.


Fortunately for us all, the whole Duke Eatmyshitoutofadirtybowl thing never caught on…


And we’d be better dressed and better fed for it too!


I discovered recently that the Corby Trouser Press didn’t originate in Corby, the bloke who invented it was called Corby.



…and replaces them with Stars of David. The new name is “Jew Hair.”


Now that’s professionalism.


Naw, professionalism would be knowing the difference between a black magic marker and black scotch tape.

Forget about it, I let the little things get under my skin waaaay too much.


I actually kind of like the new look. Very mysterious. I wonder if vandals (or nihilists) will come by at night and remove the electrical tape.


Of course the “vandals” (AKA the owner) will wait two weeks and then remove it, was there any doubt?

Was kind of curious at the news he used a magic marker as that would have damaged his logo, then saw the picture of black scotch tape and it made sense.


Such a cynic. This will never happen with intrepid reporters like K-man on the beat!


The swastika is still visible. It looks darker and more ominous now.


This is going to confuse customers of my new buxiban, “Hitler English.”


Are you hiring grammar Nazis? I’d like to apply for a position.


“Nein! You will not add ‘s’! Add SS!”