Nazi Themed Hair Salon


You definitely don’t want to piss them off. They’re the ones who run HR.


And you just know it would be a big hit, too. (Certainly lots of free advertising.)

I think we can re-use those old TV ads with a tank firing, that went “Conquer English–Come to Graham!”

Or imagine a choir of kids dressed as Nazis, goose-stepping and singing (to the tune of the German national anthem) “Hit-ler Eng-lish is our buxiban…”


The accelerated course can be called “Blitzkrieg English.” A full-immersion English summer camp may, however, be problematic.


Camps, eh? But what motto shall we inscribe over the door? Englisch macht frei?


Concentration is the key to success? Like I said, problematic…


Oh well–in for a Pfennig, in for a Reichsmark.


Conjuring up Waterboarding images here


Well, better than the other image, I suppose. :grin:




heil yourself, dah-ling!

(trying to imagine what a Nazi hairdresser would sound like)


Teacher be like “Ve haf vays of makink you speak”


They hadn’t encountered the typical Taiwanese student.



Wonder if this is the owner’s car?

Obviously not. I just saw it posted on reddit’s r/taiwan and thought it would fit here.