NBA cable subscription in Taiwan

So far, so good thanks to this forum I already feel a bit more prepared for a visit/extended stay than before. Now onto entertainment…
I am an absolute die hard NY Knicks basketball fan. Are there cable premium packages available in Taiwan so that I may watch/record my Knicks throughout the season?



You can get cable, but I’m afraid it’ll be what the cable company gives you. There are a number of companies that have the island divvied up among themselves, so you can’t actually choose your company.

The programming doesn’t vary much, though – if you’re lucky, you’ll get HBO, Cinemax, CNN, ESPN, LOTS of home shopping, puppet shows …

So, to answer your question, you’ll get as much Knicks as ESPN carries.

Basketball’s a girly game, anyway. You really should get into curling.

Footnote about cable - Don’t pay for it or you’ll be the first. Everyone has it, but nobody pays for it. As I peer over my apartment balcony, I see no less than 9 cables with the naked eye. I’m sure there’s more, but I won’t lean over any more.