🏀 NBA | Dwight Howard Playing for Taoyuan Leopards

He’s contract would probably be the veterans min in the NBA which would be just under 3m for his situation. This is probably why he isn’t signed, teams would rather pay a younger player 3m to develop.

The reports say it’s north of 1M, that’s it. Have you found any evidence it’s closer to 3M?

Howard is worth more in Taiwan than he is in the US. A market of crazed fans the size of California.

He’s sold out every game. The owner isn’t raising ticket prices, but they arranged for special court side seats for the rich people.

Dwight the Muscle - with Mr. Chen 陳之漢

Out for two weeks. Ask for a refund if you bought a ticket.

Someone thought it was a smart to have him play almost the entire game.