Need a 2 Bedroom Apartment in Taipei - Recommendations?

My friend and I are moving to Taipei in August to teach English. We’re both still looking for a job, so we’re not tied down to any one location. We would like to split the cost of a two bedroom apartment, but I’ve been having trouble finding one on tealit and even 591 (mostly because I don’t speak Chinese).

I’m working out of Tainan and will be officially needing a place in Taipei on August 22. I want to find a place pretty central, preferably in the Shilin or Daan districts. We’re both willing to go out of our way though for cheaper places (10,000 each is our max) as long as we’re by an MRT stop. A friend has told me I should look into hiring a realtor, but I don’t know where to even begin with that and worry I might get a bit cheated. Any advice for an apartment hunter newbie in Taipei??

I have a friend movinf out of a really nice apt soon. He’s on Forumosa too. I will point out this post to him.

you can use google chrome web browser to translate 591 into english