Need a bank that has normal mobile notifications

Hi everyone,

I’m searching for a bank (to apply for a debit card there), but there’s one important thing: the bank should offer mobile (short message) notifications for all the transactions (not only for those that exceed 3000 NT).

When I came to Taiwan, it was a surprise to me that both postal bank (well, thought I, you can’t except too much from a free post office account) and commercial banks (tried E.Sun) send a notification to your phone only in case the amount exceeded 3000 TWD or in case the transaction was done online using the CVV/CVC code. It means, that if anyone compromises your card through an ATM skimming device (they often can’t be detected by naked eye, and I don’t think that big cities in Taiwan are absolutely safe of this) and starts to withdraw small sums of money, you will find out only after you get 0 on your account (and I don’t think that it’s possible to claim the money back in this case). I even agree to pay some small money for notifications (in Russia - definitely not the most developed country in terms of banking - it costs less than 100 TWD per month), but the problem is, this service is completely absent at the banks I’ve used (there’s no such additional service offered) - the answer was “yes, you should check your passbook or log in to webbank regularly, there’s no other solution” - for me it sounds a bit like stone age.

Does anyone know any bank in TW that doesn’t have such problem? I’m a student, so I can’t use Citibank or other such banks because they offer only credit cards (and they won’t issue a card with a credit limit to a foreign student).