Need a full time nanny from October 2013 onwards


I am pregnant with twins and will give birth in September 2013. After one month in post-partum care center, I will go home and would need a full time nanny to help me taking care of both babies. Ideally, the nanny will sleep in our apartment during the first few months (hopefully not too long!) and once they both enjoy full night sleep, the 24h full time will be reduced to 10h-12h.

  • 24h during the first few months. We live in XinYi District, 5 min walk from the Yongchun MRT station.
  • willingness to travel with us to Europe for Christmas and Summer holidays (duration of the trip will vary from 15 days to 1-2 month)
  • Certified Nanny (證照合格保母) and at least 2-3 years of experience is required
  • Mandarin-Chinese speaking. Some English would help especially during the travel time
  • Ideally being formally trained as nurse (兒科護士)
  • This is a long term job offer.

Please pm me if you or someone is interested.
Thank you