Need a home for a 2 month-old Beagle

We are fostering a 2 month-old male Beagle. He was picked up by Ai Xin mama organization in the Golf course near our home in Xizhi. Very adorable and smart. He is a fast learner and will be a good companion to someone who are willing to put the time and effort training him. Right now we are trying to housebreak him and teach him some basic commands. We can’t keep him because we already have a 3 years old Beagle who we just adopted recently as well and are planning to move back home as well.

If anyone is interested, please pm me.

Pudding was adopted by a young Taiwanese family in late August. Thanks for the interest.

Glad to hear it - adorable pup!

Good on you for helping him find a home. :thumbsup: