Need a home for a kitten

Saved a kitten that was left to die up on the highway bridge in banqiao today.
Keeping it is not a option since my wife is scared of it and her famely hate cats + I will go home to Norway next mount and stay for a year.

I tok it to the vet and was told it has problems closing the a-hole and that it has reduced movements in it’s legs.
They suspect nerval damage from some sort of acident.
Have goten some nutrition into the little body and seams it’s just tired and want to sleep.
Don’t seam to be scared and close it’s eyes when scratched in the right place.
Last time I lifted it up the a-hole seamed to be closed so maybe the vet was wrong and that it was only so tired that it lost all mucle controll after being fryed in it’s own puke on the hot asphalt.

Now it live in a closed paperbox witch I cutt a few holes in behind a door in my inlaws resturant.
I need to get it to a new home by tomorrow.

You should contact the Taiwan SPCA.


I has Sean’s phone number about 4years ago while he war running Animals Taiwan, but lost it while I was in Norway for 3years.
Have sendt him a pm here on forumosa, but so far he has failed to respond to it.
I will contact him right away, but until he gets he’s hands on it I will still hand it ower to a potential owner.
I think it would be a wonderfull addition to a famely.
I have not investigated, but from the shape on the head it look like a girl to me, but I have not had kittens since I was 10.

Sean did not reply so I went to Animals Taiwan this afternoon, but they could not help.
They offered to pay vet bills and gave me alot of free food, cage, towels and everything needed to set up a toilet and took he’s photo.
But then food and vet bills where not my problem since I could just go to the bank and withdraw 400k from my savings if that was needed. My problem is that I’m not alowded to have it in the house.

Sean replyed later and told me to contact Animals Taiwan so sound like SCPA Taiwan could not help much.
The little guy have hold it all day and when I finished setting up the toilet he had done both number one and number two within 1minute so he’s a good boy.

All the problems the vet was talking about seams to be just Taiwanese profesionalism and he is almost like a normal kitten at this age and is a quite good shape for a creature that I scraped off the asphalt just 26hours ago.

He is playfull and calm and despite playing with him today he has not injured me in any way.
I will pay all vacines and de-worming for anyone that will take him.

It’s now become a pain in tha ass since nowhere seams to have space for this little felow.
He has also grown strong trough this day and are now hard to keep in a paper box since he want to brake out all the time.
He will live on our balcony tonight, but soon he will be strong enough to jump up and then it’s quite dangarous for him to be there and with this progress he’s strong enought within hours.

I’d love to help but I too am heading home for a an extended time. I would suggest some pictures. They always pull on the heart strings. :2cents:

Rita at Animals Taiwan took a few pictures and here is a poor guy she named freeway wondering if he ever will get a home

And here a guy enjoying showing a how it feel’s when he’s been holding it for too long.

This moring we will drive him to a animal hospital in Nei Hu where he will be taken care of until someone give him a permanent home.

How old he is I don’t know, but he’s eyes is not so blue anymore so maybe 6week’s.
It’s 16years since my cat in Norway was a kitten so I have forgoten how to tell there age.

He is diagnosed with hernia, but don’t seam to bother him.
He is now in a animal hospital in Nei Hu witch deal with adoptions and we have payed 2000NTD for he’s medical exspences and also took him out for a x-ray just in case and payed another 580 for this.
He is now de-wormed and de-liced and he will undergo surgery for the hernia once he is strong enough.

He is likely between 2-3mounth acording to the vet

To my knowledge he is still without a owner.
I’m not joking when I say I would take him myself if I could.
I’m going back to Norway witch is making it harder, but the main reason I can not have him is that my bether half is scared of anything that has furr and moves.