Need a little help picking a district

Hi, my name is Darkronin and I am a long time lurker, first time poster.

First off, I have to say that this is a great site for individuals looking for information on “Life in Taiwan”. It has given me a solid idea of what to expect should I accept my current job offer in Taiwan. There are a few questions that I would like to ask the community about. These questions will help me decide if I should take the position as is or negotiate for a better offer. I like the position and the salary; there are no issues with those. The location is in downtown Taipei and if I accept the position I will be arriving in late November to early December. There are two options for this position either a one year or two year contract with an option to stay for additional time if I enjoy it. All relocation expenses are covered by the company.

Here is the break out for my situation:
I am single, in my mid twenties and have lived in various parts of Asia for over four years. My mandarin is non-existent (However, I am currently studying mandarin through Rosetta Stone Software). I am addicted to city living (New York, London, Seoul, Tokyo and a few others). I also thrive on nightlife, bars, clubs, live venues, night markets, etc.

Basically, I am looking for advice on a district of Taipei to apartment hunt in. How well the housing package that is being offered covers utilities and the type of apartments available in said district. There will be a few people that will be able to assist me in setting up an apartment and the like, but I do not expect them to have the broad knowledge base that this community has. The things I am looking for in a district; active nightlife options, high-speed internet (fiber if I can get it), MRT station nearby, and decent apartments with a good kitchen (I like to cook).

Here is the package I am being offered:
Housing: NT$70,000 per month.
Utilities: NT$18,000 per month.

Housing is just rent money, while utilities covers all other house hold/ travel expenses.

Thanks in advance for any help that this community can offer.

What part of the city will you be working in? You sound like a Daan District kind of person. PossiblyXinyi District. ADSL 8MB is universally available, fiber in some very expensive high rises. Western style kitchens are available, especially in these districts, but you will have to look.

With that kind of cash you can get a really nice place, but don’t expect it to be in the nigh-life areas. Although Taipei isn’t all that big, so it’s quite easy to get around.
If you can get someone to help you read chinese, then have a look at when it comes to places to rent. Keep in mind that you need two months deposit in most cases and real estate agents charge half a months rent if you get them to find a place for you.
Most apartments don’t have western style kitchens, but all better places have decent cooking facilities sans ovens. You might want to consider Xindien if you want fibre, as most other areas of Taipei doesn’t offer as fast fibre connections, have a look at they offer 20/20Mbit connections in some areas for about NT$3000 a month.

if you want the center of the city experience that you enjoyed in NY, Seoul, Tokyo, then Da’an district is for you, not Xindian.

maybe XinYi, but less street activity in the new blocks in the better part of Xinyi than you’d get in Da’an.

Having just done this search w/a considerably smaller budget, sounds like you want Da’an District from the park north up to around Zhongxiao Fuxing Station, then east alongthe MRT Blue Line toward Taipei 101/City Hall Station, but not any farther. Zhongxiao E. Rd, Ren-Ai Rd, and Shi-Min ((or is it Min-Shi? Don’t have a map handy) aka Civic/Civil Blvd.

The Zhongxiao Fuxing/Dunhua area seems to be about as comparable as you can get to Shibuya/Tokyo (the rest of Taipei looks more like ratty suburbs of Tokyo). South or northwest of downtown may be greener, but there doesn’t seem to be nearly as much to do for somebody w/your interests. Eastern Taipei is much newer.

That budget will get you a killer place (if you can find one). Based on last week, $25,000 would get you a fully outfitted new studio in a nice building. $40,000 + for 1-2bdrm places w/ADSL, cable, AC, fridge, (small but usable) kitchen, laundry, etc. I saw some apartments in a building near 101 w/pool, gym, lounge bar, parking, starting at $45,000 + utilities (I imagine $88,000 would land you a penthouse place somewhere with a private masseuse and free mini-bar…)

You might also consider a realtor/agency if you have that much cash. Wishing I had - I knew I was going to be paying too much & didn’t listen to friend’s advice - paid rent for this week, but haven’t even moved in yet due to continued problems w/the place.

The other major consideration, of course, is where you’ll be working & how bad the commute will be. I’d recommend walking distance unless you don’t mind trains and/or enjoy taking your life in your hands in retarded traffic.

Thanks for the quick replies folks. After some more research based on your recommendations Da-ah seems the place for me. I don’t mind public transportation to get to and from work, i actually prefer it over driving and from the post on this site and others there’s a snowballs chance in hell of me driving in Taipei. :loco: I’d like to live to see my 30’s.

Driving in Taiwan isn’t that bad. In fact, I found it fun and it added–or at least heightened my blood pressure or cultural exchange, you pick. When you get there give it a try.

Well, make sure you find a newer development in Da-An, as there are a lot of old shite places there in which you wouldn’t want to live. Also, try to get a place a bit higher up, due to the street noise and also away from the main roads as it’s fairly noisy here 24/7 if you live next to one of the major roads.
I just moved back to Taipei after a year in Taoyuan at my girlfriends place there and it was right next by a main road and it got really dusty in the place and it was never quiet.
Just make sure you see whatever place you decide to move into, as a lot of them aren’t as good as they look in pictures. Some of the places we looked at were outright nasty, but we found a brand new place in the end and it’s really nice. We’re facing the court yard and we’re a couple of buildings in, so it’s really nice and quiet here, despite the fact that it’s not even a 5 minutes walk from one of the main highways.

Good for you. About time Taipei gets more professional lao-wais who can actually afford to live here. Enough with the 40K/month ETs.

Look for a place near An-ho Road, close to Carnegie’s.

Yeah, Anhe road between DunHua and RenAi roads is a good bet. traffic is pretty light, close to restaurants, clubs, even a decent MRT stop. and a 24 hr bagel shop, but don’t go for the coffee.

See and this is just some of the reasons why I am addicted to city living. No worries on the coffee part, I am a red bull, jolt and water drinker unless I am at a bar :sunglasses:

Well, I haven’t seen Jolt on sale here and I think the Redbull here is somewhat different. They’ve got a few local versions though :smiley:

[quote=“Darkronin”]Here is the package I am being offered:
Housing: NT$70,000 per month.
Utilities: NT$18,000 per month.[/quote]

With a package like that, you have your pick of any part of Taipei, and can live in the lap of luxury. I’d choose the Zhongxiao-Fuxing area for optimal access to transportation and proximity to great nightlife and shopping.

Jolt I have covered, the manufacturing company ships internationally but I will have to look into wither or not it is illegal to import Jolt. South Korea surprised me with that little bit of information. Apparently shipping in a drink that contains close to 500mg of caffeine per 24oz can is illegal there. Oops :unamused: As for the local brew, I will be sure to give it a try. I liked Bacchus-F while in Korea, even created a new cocktail with is as a base :smiling_imp:

I am not sure about that area. What kind of nightlife does it have?

Heck with that kinda money , I dont see why you cant enlist the help of some of the forumosa locals to assist you and help you drink some beer and what not at a local hot spot or two afterwards?

It will be money well spent.

well, that depends on what kind of things you like to do at night.

reading in a bookshop?
shopping? for houses, watches, diamonds, clothes, computers, whatever, even at midnight.
not much in the way of museums.

coffee shops?
lounge bars?
whisky/cigar rooms?

night markets?
snack foods?
expensive restaurants?
teppanyaki and sushi restaurants?

shooting pool?
shooting pedestrians?
shooting polar bears?

you can do all but the last two there.

and even if you want to go somewhere else, it’s so central that most places are only a US$5 cab fare away at most.

If you liked Shibuya and Kangnam-gu (I’m guessing), you should find Zhongxiao-Fuxing in Taipei to your liking, esp. if you have to commute. Me… were I to return for a year or two, I would not have to commute, so I would live down the THSR out of the cold wetness and warp into the gloom as needed.

My work days are typically long, but my off days, I am off like a prom dress. Nightclubs, pubs, bars and night markets are the top of my list for entertainment if i am not traveling to another location. So what clubs/ bars are in Zhongxiao-Fuxing area. I don’t mind taking a cab home but at the same time I do like the idea of walking back to my place after a night out.

check out taiwan fun or similar websites. i can’t pick from the hundreds available which you’d prefer.

[quote=“Darkronin”]Hi, my name is Darkronin and I am a long time lurker, first time poster.
Here is the package I am being offered:
Housing: NT$70,000 per month.
Utilities: NT$18,000 per month.

:notworthy: Damn how did you hook that kind of package up, that’s exactly what I’m looking for? I’m similar in age, similar in wants, and willing to settle for a lot less renumeration than that but all the locals want to give is local fare + a pittance. Must have picked the wrong career, engineering for me. Willing to share more on what the job/industry is?

Back on topic, +2 for Da’an. But really, anywhere around there is fine. Heck I’d even say Tianmu if you want a little more laid back atmosphere, tons of little keyhole bars where you can actually hear what the chick is saying to you.

Anything near an MRT station (as long as it isn’t the Muzha line) is sooo easy to get to.