NEED a motorcycle in Chungli SYM T1?

Hey everyone :bow:

Great forum… I just joined so thought I would say HELLO and also seek advice or get leads on a bike
I lived in Taiwan in 2012 and now I am back again this year teaching English
I live in Chungli now and I want to find a motorcycle here (I could also go to Neili or Taoyuan City)

Looking for a good deal on a solid used… SYM T1

I have been looking on ruten but most possibilities I found are too far away
Not that Taiwan is big :laughing: but I have a friend that can help take me around nearby so I want to search and buy locally if I can…
If anyone knows of a good deal near me let me know

Enquire at a local pawn shop in Zhongli. If they don’t have one out front, they’ll track one down and have it delivered.

looked a couple today in Chungli
one was crap but the shop owner was really nice
the other was a great bike but the shop owner was a jerk
we tried to negotiate the price and he literally told my Taiwanese friend
and I to leave and that he didn’t want to sell us a motorcycle
well, I guess he didn’t like foreigners

Nahh he just don’t like the fact that you two know can’t be tricked so easy, and the fact , that you know how to negotiate is the fact that’s why he’s unhappy. If it was just you, he would have ripped you off and left himself with a smile. Anyways, have you tried a Quannon ? From what I’ve heard, and from the news, the T1 has a load of issues. They improved the issues with the SYM T2.

yeah, good point, dude was a jerk
yeah, rode a quannon, seemed like a great bike
but a little large for traffic and to park around town easily and overpriced
i ended up finding a great shop in Zhongli and bought a used AEON MY125
a little small but good for city driving, looks and runs good, disk brakes, EFI, comfy, but …transmissions on them are crap in my opinion
i might even do some customization in the future and make it look like a cafe racer