Need a new mobile phone

I am in the market for a new mobile phone. I dont know what to get I am looking for something thats either a quad based phone or will work in the usa. I am willing to spend up to 450-500$ US.

I still dont know what to get I looked around but I cant decide

I’m sure there are plenty of people here that would be happy to offer recommendations if you can give your requirements/wishlist.

I’m still looking for a phone that I like. I’ve got a V3 Razr at the moment and while it’s visually pretty cool, I find the UI is too slow and I don’t like the predictive txting compared to Nokia’s method, among other smaller niggles.

the probblem with the v3 razr is that it is a little to popular in the us. I got a black one but didnt take it with me cause I didnt want to get mobile phone jacked. So I am using an older one I got a year or two ago.

Does anyone have any of the asus upper end mobile phones the newer ones?