Need a nice resto nr nanjing e rd

Hi guys, i need to find a resto tonight for three.
Western food
Near nanjing/songjiang
Not burger/pizza
Sit down good service grill/seafood

It is ok if i have to go to 101 area, but at 5 pm it would be nutty. Well, this whole holiday season is chaotic so guess it will just add to the fun. Thanks guys!

PinTian, not really western but Japanese (so westerners usually adopt easily)
No. 146, Section 2, Nánjīng East Road, Zhongshan District
02-2507-7279 … bout?hl=en‎/

I remember there’s an interesting Iranian restaurant near the corner of Guang Fu (2F No. 6, Section 5, Nánjīng East Road). Not exactly ‘western’, but pretty close. Nice barbecued meats and suchlike.

There’s also The Westin (No. 133, Section 3, Nánjīng East Road) that does a good western/fusion buffet at a reasonable price.

If you like Indian food, there’s an indian restaurant just near Nanjing Songjiang:
2樓 56號, Section 2, Nánjīng East Road

You could also try the Rose House (No. 95號, Section 2, Nánjīng East Road); supposedly English-style tea and food. Personally I think it’s mediocre and overpriced, but it’s a nice space to sit and chat.

A tool that’s often a useful aid in such searches is the directory at Taiwanease.

Just above the Google Maps frame select the category you’re interested in (“Restaurants”) from the drop-down menu. Then use your mouse to move the green pin to the area you want to learn more about.

It’s more useful still in its iPhone and iPad app forms (US$2.99).

Thanks for the help! I went with a safe choice at the Westin. Danieli’s fit the bill, but don’t waste your money on the calamari.

I’d use the app, but doesn’t work well for me.