Need a QUALIFIED electrician

I do not know, maybe it is the whole SARS thing but I want to buck the trend and find a good electrician who will not just tell me the same old cannot be repaired and must be replaced song and dance.

I live in a building with central air, but we have separate fans in each unit to blow the air. Mine recently went on the blink. It could be a fuse, a bearing, the fan belt, etc. but I was told immediately and without checking the motor had burned out. Okay. It could be that the motor has burned out but then the repairman (in our building) referred me to the one and only company that makes motors with the specs that I need (this made me very suspicious as did his oily attitude). Okay. So he gets a commission, so the landlord and landlady are willing to pay, why go to the trouble? I do not know but I am requesting any and all help with the above.

no so thing as a qualfied service person in Taiwan…

usually here the electrician doubles as the plumber, carpenter, gas man and the noodle store guy.

Just keep asking until you find one that will repair it else go to one of those shops where they fix A/Cs etc

I need a spark too. Anyone know one ?