Need a Restaurant Recommendation in Taoyuan

I will be in Taoyuan this evening and I’d like to save myself the trouble to look for a good place to eat. Western food or pub food would be good. A good pizza, burger, steak, pasta… All good candidates. The price range is not a problem. I’d rather pay more and get something really good.

Can you recommend a place? I’ll be checking in on this thread throughout the day.



Check out some of the restaurants mentioned on this thread:

For Western food in Taoyuan, I usually head for Debbies, Feebies, or Fridays.

Thanks! I’ m sitting at Debbies right now waiting for a burger. :slight_smile:

Thanks again, tatterdemalion.

I had a very decent burger at Debbies. My boy had the kid’s macaroni and cheese. He polished his plate so I think it did the trick for him. :slight_smile: It looked good, actually.

For more information and directions, follow the link posted by tatterdemalion.