Need A Taipei Tour Guide


I comming to Taiwan (Taipei) in late April, on one week. Could anyone recommend a tour guide for Taipei and what should not be missed?


Any idea what you want to see? Museums, landmarks, shopping? All of that? Only Taipei? You want to do some activities?

YOu dont need a guide for taipei city. Us forumosans will be able to tell you what to do and where to go and how to do it. Taxis are affordable and public transport is pretty excellent.

@ B. Pie
Anything. For one week, as much as possible. :slight_smile:)Book guide?
I want to see this piece of world.

Off course … but some people are into museums, others want to shop until they drop …

There are the travel agencies that do tours, in groups … but you know how that goes … 10 min. here, 20 min. there, then shop, shop, shop to up the guides salary with commissions …

Most of Taipei you can do by yourself, there is an efficient MRT system, bus routes and taxis that can take you almost anywhere in Taipei, close to landmarks and anything that’s worth seeing, pretty cheap.

Outside Taipei you could use some guidance … you could even go down south on the HSR … 90 min. to Gaoxiong … 60 min. to Taizhong …

Taroko is an option, with part of the east coast … but that would be two days, one night … one very long day if very fast done. (Car available.)

If you really need someone, I’m not a certified guide but know enough of Taiwan (14 years now), not into fine details, but I could show you around … for an acceptable fee, expenses paid.

Depending on the period, the schedule … itinerary.

I’ll be unavailable from early May. Drop me a line.