Need advice on renting a "ding lou" apartment

but but, the outdoor balcony space!

Thanks for all the advice guys. When I asked the estate agent about whether the AC was an inverter or not he said it wasn’t but that non-inverters are much better anyway. Smells like BS to me but what can you do. I tried to explain all the detailed information you’ve kindly given me above with my shitty Chinese, but failed miserably.

I did manage to convince them to give me a 7 month contract, instead of a year, so my soon to be acquainted nosy neighbours and I can enjoy my huntsman infested, typhoon deathtrap together during the fall, winter and early spring months, without suffering the summer heat.

I’m also considering buying some kind of cheap sheeting or panelling to go inside the apartment to keep the cold air close to the bed and reduce how quickly it seeps out of the roof.

Thanks again!

Normally find mine when I have to clean behind the fridge

I like the top floors especially in the winter. As for the inverter technology, my understanding is that they save money if you leave the air on for longer periods of time. If you turn it on and off every 5 minutes, you will not get the benefits from a non-inverter and you might as well get the cheaper non-inverter. My apartment came with a window unit and my highest bill was 12k. With the second hand inverter that I bought, I rarely go over 3500 and the apartment is cooler.

12k for two months?

I really think inverter is only good if you have a slightly oversized unit for the cooling load or you have variable cooling loads (like cafes, restaurants, etc.). If the unit is properly sized I don’t think it makes a difference one way or another, except you’re just paying way more for the unit.

Window units are not very efficient I heard, but I only heard “inverter is more efficient compared to window unit”, well duh, even standard split unit is more efficient than window unit. What they never say is how much more efficient a split inverter is compared to a split standard, I suspect the difference is negligible enough to not be worth the extra cost… Also inverter AC has rather complicated electronics and if they should fail, the whole unit has to be replaced because the electronic is machine/compressor specific. You can’t just say swap it with electronic from another inverter unit with a bad compressor like you can with standard units (supply power to the compressor and it runs, no funny electronics needed). Unless of course you can somehow bypass the electronic and supply 3 phase power to the compressor (and I am not aware of any AC control board that takes 3 phase power unless it’s a large industrial unit). That would of course turn it into a standard AC unit. It’s just much more complicated which is why they are more expensive.

Also, if you hate huntsman get a cat. The cat eats them.

Yes, 2 months. I have a big place.

Split units are usually quieter too.

Depending on where you live, what is immediately around your bedroom, the white noise of the older units can be appreciated. :sleeping:


Not really. They prefer to use it as a toy, which leaves the chance that it might escape and live one more day…