Need advice re: marriage, JFRV, TW/UK

Hi this is my first post and it may be a long one, sorry.
Im 23 from UK and on visa free entry stamps (90 day). Have just found out that my girlfriend is pregnant. We plan to get married at the end of the year and i found the step by step guide to marriage in Hong Kong which is brilliant.

I need to get the ball rolling quickly for obvious reasons, so if you could please help me answer the following questions that would be great:

  1. After the wedding is it sufficient to return to Taiwan on a visa free or will i need to apply for a tourist visa in Hong Kong?
    2)Is there a step by step guide, how to apply for the JFRV
    3)is this the correct visa i will need after marriage?
    4)I read that you cannot work on the JFRV but have to wait for an ARC to come through. Is this automatic? Do i need a health check etc?
    5)What is the timescale for this as i need to get financialy secure as soon as possible.
  2. What is the process of registering the marriage in UK?
  3. I do not have a degree, just to let you know as im not sure if this affects visa situation?
  4. Is there anything else i am forgetting? I would just like to make a clear list of things that i have to do, as my head is all over the place

I apoligise if most of this has already been covered before, cheers

I have no idea about all this, as I am here only for almost 10 years, but sincere congrats to you two.

Just to be clear, your girlfriend is a Taiwanese national? Her nationality will affect the way you have to do things a lot.

Yep shes Taiwanese National

bismark has a guide here: … ining.html

Thanks for the link