Need an eye doctor - where should I go?

My eye got scratched a couple of weeks ago and now I have some blurriness in that eye. Where should one go (in Taipei) for this kind of thing?


The eye dept at any large hospital. You could ask for an appointment with Dr. Wang Taiyuan at Ren Ai for example.

I’d recommend the specialist at Taipei Medical School Hospital, where you and I were a couple of weeks ago.
The ER there has kind of started to suck in the last couple years, but they’ll refer you to the regular departments, which have always been real good.
Don’t wait too long.

Thank you, DB. I’ll get someone to tell me what you wrote … :wink:

Te Tsaw Eye Center have seen their way to give me good treatment - near Minsheng/Fuhsing
Address: Minsheng E Rd, Sec 3, Lane 130, No 2-1
Tel: 27181588, 27152600, 27173889

anyone know of any good eye doctor in Kaohsiung? or can recommend how to find a good one? it’s an emergency I have a minor retinal detachment, was diagnosed today but want to go to a better hospital to get it checked out.