Need bands for a sampler CD

Xpat Magazine wants to put together a CD sampler of foreign musicians in Taiwan.


Sounds great!
Could you give us some more details?

For ex.
Do the artists on the CD retain copyright/ownership of their recordings and songs?

Will contracts be involved? You are looking for unsigned musicians, right?

Who pays for the production/printing of the compilation? Does each musician split the total production/printing costs or does the compiler pay for all printing/production costs?

Who pays for the recordings of the songs by each artist? The compiler of the CD? Or are the musicians expected to pay for all recording costs themselves and simply submit their final recordings for the compilation?

What is the criteria for selecting artists? I assume the musicians involved would be privy to what material from other artists would be on the CD before it is printed and distributed.
I mean, I wouldn’t want my songs on the same CD as a band called, for example, “Skull Orgasm” that does a song called, for example, “Doing my little brother from behind”.
Related to this is the question of recording quality in terms of both performance and actual sonic quality. If the artists are paying for and doing their own recordings, some might turn in a multi-tracked top notch recording like on a “real CD” while others might slop out a song on a tape machine at home riddled with performance mistakes and tape hiss–to each his own really, but this is a point to consider when mixing the overall volume and balance of the all the songs on the compiliation.

Will the CD be sold? If yes, is the price of the CD only enough to recoup the printing and production costs? If no and profits are involved, how will the profits be split with the bands, if at all?
Whether the compilation is sold or not, how and to who will it be distributed?

Is the compilation limited only to non-Taiwanese musicians or you including also local bands (which could have completely Taiwanese membership or a mix of Taiwanese and non-Taiwanese musicians)?

Sorry for being such a stickler. You have a great idea and I’m very interested, would just like to know more specifically what you have in mind.


P.S. I’ve worked with Sir Speedy in Tien Mu and was quite pleased with the service for getting CD’s printed. Other places were cheaper, but they were very professional, doing what was asked and offering (but never pushing) a lot of great ideas for graphics, photos and CD and CD booklet printing options. Other places will do the printing cheaper, but you have to do all graphics on a computer by yourself–cheaper option if you know someone who is computer skilled.