Need charger for sony PDA

I lost my charger for my Sony PDA; model PEG-s300/SP. It requires a DC 5.7v- 800mA charger. How much would a new one be? And where is the best (cheapest + reliable) place to purchase one in Taipei city. All help appreciated. thanks!

I’ve seen them in FNAC (=reliable). I can’t imagine that they cost much. There’s also a/some PDA stores in NOVA mall (=cheap, maybe) near Taipei Main station that should have them.

I always buy extra power adapters for all my electronics. I have used various ones sold in Guan-Hwa without any problems. Just match the volt, power, and tip.

Peter, if you’re living in Taipeh, go to Nova (Train Station), there is a booth on the first floor, somewhere deeper inside on the right (seen from main entrance) where they have all kinds of cables and adapters, there you can get a USB hotsync/charging cable which takes less space and you can charge on any USB-equipped computer…