Need dog escort to Washington D.C

I made a video about a stray that I was taking to the vet…someone in America offered to take it in. Since then the dog has started entering my community to follow me and my dogs home…that is a death sentence as my neighbors will kill it.

It ran into my home…I can’t have a 4th dog in my home…honestly and truly. I have had numerous disputes with the neighbors about my 3 dogs being too many…and dogs aren’t even allowed in my community to begin with. So a 4th will find me and my dogs homeless.

Someone told me they’d take her off my hands on Sunday…so I allowed her into my home to get her cleaned up for them (and I planned on not walking her and keeping her out of sight). The person had some problems and was unable to do as they said. So now…the dog is in my house…and it will probably take about a week or less to figure out how to get her to America (money isn’t a problem).

If I can’t find someone within 36 hours that can take the dog for the week…then I’ll have to try and “force” the dog to stay in the park…and dissuade the dog from trying to re-enter my community…as that is the only available choice I can see.

Here is the video that helped find the dog the home in America: … rly-l.aspx

And don’t anyone dare write what a nice guy I am. If I have to so much as take a trip to Taipei to do some paper work…then I’m forgeting the whole thing. I don’t have the time or energy. I have enough stress in my life right now with other things. The only reason I’m doing this is because AnimalsTaiwan said they would handle the paperwork…etc. They just don’t have room for the dog…and my friend was unable to keep his word through no fault of his own. So now I need a foster home…for an honestly short time while AnimalsTaiwan works out the paperwork.