Need feedback on a business plan?

Hi everyone,

I am an investor in a new website that has the goal to be the best place for entrepreneurs to get good feedback on their business plans.

If you have a start-up you are working on and think you could benefit from feedback, please go and submit it to our website. I have started many companies in life and we are always spending so much time getting feedback from investors, other entrepreneurs, advisers and friends. StartupSmarts can speed up this process.

We are just at the very beginning ourselves so currently we only have about 30 mentors on the site but they are seasoned start-up mentors from 7 different countries.

Of course it is ok to be a mentor and entrepreneur at the same time.

We would appreciate feedback on our site and process as well.


You asked for feedback so…

I am a fan of the lean startup ideology so I wouldn’t find much use for this site. No business plan survives contact with the customer, as they say :slight_smile:

Even if I were the sort of founder keen on elaborate business plans I couldn’t see myself posting everything up in the open. I’m all for transparency but I fail to see the value of openness in this context. Some people obviously see value in open business models and such, but as long as you define “startup” as a high-risk business in search of product/market fit I see no benefit in putting a plan on the public record.

That being said, I can see it being of some use for more conventional businesses, particularly if you offered templates that new entrepreneurs could build off of. But of course such a service probably already exists somewhere. There are some big players in the “startups for startups” space that you’ll be up against if that is indeed your market. How would you provide more value than AngelList, Gust, or even nReduce? If this service is just talent scouting for local angels and VCs it would be beneficial to say as much.

Perhaps you should put the site’s business plan up for comment :wink: