Need for foster homes in Kaohsiung area(Adopt Elliot!)

We have 7 stray pups aged about 6 weeks, males and females who desperatly need a place to stay. They will be deflead and will be checked by a vet.

We found them today at a scooter junkyard and the people there aren’t even bothered to give them water or food and the mother is sick and unable to feed them all. Two of them are in critical condition but 5 of them are active and seem quite healthy.

Please help make a difference, these pups need help.

Call anytime 0971070770 or email


Now isn’t that precious? A bit wet on this pic. More to come later.


Do you have any non-smoking pups?

[quote=“Notsu”]Do you have any non-smoking pups?[/quote] :laughing: They are candy cigarettes. Not the real kind. :wink:


Good news! Trapjaw and his roommate have kindly offered to foster not one but two pups! :bravo: :notworthy: :bravo: There are five more…Khm…Make that six, we found one more.

Kaohsiung is a big city and I’m sure there are homes for all of them out there.

Please spread the word you folks in Kaohsiung.

Here’s trapjaw’s new friends:


Good job, Bobepine. :notworthy: :bravo:

How are the sick two doing?

[quote=“Stray Dog”]How are the sick two doing?[/quote]Thanks for asking. They are doing surprisingly well. Food helps… :wink: 2 days ago they barely moved and had difficulties walking. They are wagging tails today, walking around playing with one another. :slight_smile: They have very soft stools though, all of them do. I changed food to kibbles yesterday and they like it but their digestive system finds it hard I think(hope). I’m taking stool samples to the vet tomorrow to test for worms and parasites. Quite normal at that age when beginning to eat solid food I think. Little trooper took 5 days to come around with hard stools.

They were severly infected with fleas as well and that chips away at their development and energy level. We use an excellent product and all fleas are destroyed within 12 hours. Within 24 hours of the treatment, their energy level doubled. :idunno:

We found permanent homes for two of them today BTW. 6 to go yet… Again, please spread the word folks. :notworthy: Trapjaw will foster two of them and I’m hoping to find homes for them first so he can foster two more. :wink:

These pups are adorable and will be great companions. Adopt a puppy! Bring some life in your house and know that you’re making a difference at the same time. :notworthy:


Good on you, too, Trapjaw.

My life became much more complete when I took on a pup. A dog is a life-changing responsibility, but what a psotive change they bring about. When you have a canine companion, you are never lonely, never stuck for something to do, always making new friends, always enjoying the outside, always having someone to warm the bed for you, and always coming home to an ecstatic welcome.

Dogs are great for reminding us how to enjoy the simple things in life, and how to forget the day we had by simply taking a walk next to the river. Dogs live in the here and now - ‘I was alone all day, but what the hell, I’m out enjoying the fresh air now!’ - and they never dwell on the bad stuff.

For those of you who feel like your existence is missing something, give a pup a try. It can seriously improve your life; I have never looked back.

Adopting a rescued pup instead of supporting the cruel puppy trade only makes the whole thing that much more rewarding.

Give Bobepine a call now. You won’t regret it.


I’m more of a cat person, but my room-mate is allergic to them, so that ruled out that side… :frowning: but then I saw bobepine’s ad for help with the puppies and thought I might as well give it a bash, after all, the next best thing to a cat is a dog, right? :wink: Anyway, they’re both adorable and affectionate, and I’m sure I won’t have them for very long, being as cute as they are, they’re sure to find homes quickly… PM me if you’re in kaohsiung and can provide a good home for these guys! (Kind of sad about letting them go already though… Trust me, you’ll fall in love very quickly!)

[quote=“trapjaw”]… after all, the next best thing to a cat is a dog, right? :wink: [/quote]This little guy thinks your coment/question is quite funny. :wink:


Just an update for those interested, we found homes for all 8 puppies. :slight_smile: Trapjaw fostered 4 of them and adopted out 3 and we found homes for the other 5. Two of them are actually flying to a new home in San Francisco this week!

Warm thanks to trapjaw and to Forumosa for being such a good resource. :notworthy:


Bloody hell, that was good going! Great job, guys! :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :wink: :slight_smile:

I’m glad to have helped out! It’s great when a story has a happy ending, isn’t it :slight_smile:

You guys are awsome. I want to fly back to Taiwan and help out…but my school is taking up way too much time:(

Trapjaw, his GF and I went on a rescue to Gushan mountain aka Monkey mountain last Saturday. (Was it Sunday?) There is an injured mother living up there with 6 pups. We tried to get the mother first with a noose but it was a one time chance. We missed her the first time and we could not approach her after that. Even the pups were pretty scared and we only managed to catch two of them. It’s impossible to walk through the jungle like forest up there, it’s too dense.

So here’s a pic of the pups, they need a loving home ASAP. They are healthy and very good around people already. Just gorgeous too. Two females.

And here’s Mouse, a young boy found her on the street, she was just starting to walk at about 8-10 days old. She’s now about 15-17 days old. We’ve been following googled info as to how to take care of her and so far she’s doing great. We are thinking about keeping her. :unamused:


Tofu behind Mouse.

you really are an amazing person, way to go with all those rescues. I want onesigh but I am living in an on campus apartment and they keep telling me I am not allowed :frowning: Anyway a big hand to you and all the other forumosan’ that are doing what they can :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

Thank you woodsprite, encouraging words always bring a smile. :slight_smile:

The above two puppies Trapjaw and I rescued have been adopted. They flew to the US last Friday to a new home together. :slight_smile:

Here’s some pics of the pups that were flea infested. They also need homes now, please contact me if you are interested.


This is Elliot. He was foud almost colapsed on the Dajong freeway yesterday. The little guy got lost and his energy ran out. He is going to the vet today to get checked and he is also de-flead. Elliot loves water, he didn’t mind being washed at all and he enjoyed the drying part with the towels very much. Hard to tell but I think he will be a smaller dog, time will tell.

If you are interested to provide this little guy with a good home, please contact me at 0971070770 or at

Before bathing:

After bathing:

Found a home for Elliot today! :slight_smile: He was adopted by a South African fellow and my experience with South Africans tells me that he’s going to be looked after very well. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

The other 5 pups still need a home. They’ve been shaven now and they are so ugly that it melts your heart and makes them cute. :smiley:


When I first started this thread, we had eight puppies that needed a home, all rescued from a scrap yard.

Today we went to Shaliosho island to visit my favorite one. Her name is Belly and she’s the one that we had long enough to actually paper-train her and teach her some tricks. Here’s what she looked liked when we picked her up:

Shortly after we found her:

And now: :slight_smile:

To make it short, she has lucked out big time. The best home a dog can have in Taiwan. Small island, no traffic, free to roam and a dog-friendly retired fellow to hang out with day after day. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: