Need ㄅㄆㄇ (full set with varying pronunciations) and Taiwanese roma fonts

Hey guys.
I need a set the complete set of ㄅㄆㄇ fonts. They are usual a set of three fonts with the same name-a -b -c to take into a account the variations of pronunciations.

The last time I had it, I was able to sneak into an elementary school with a USB stick :slight_smile:
Are there any free are reasonable priced sets out there? The free ones don’t have the variations I need.
Also, I need Taiwanese Roma or if I must learn, their ㄅㄆㄇ system. The main purpose is to annotate my favorite song lyrics. But that’s my business. Having the romanization or zuying tied to the font is easiest for me. Thanks

So basically you want to have a font that has the character and accompanying pinyin or zhuyin underneath?

Yes, like the ones shown in this example.

Every elementary school and preschool has at least one complete set of those types of fonts on their computer.
I no longer have reasons to visit the kindergarten or elementary schools to “borrow” these fonts. The fonts offered here are free but they only have one variation. The main one.
But for those who don’t know, you would need a different subset of the same character to represent the different pronunciation of of the same character that represents a different meaning the noun seed and the verb to plant is a good example. Same characters different pronunciation.
But if you are in a position to help me, I would not need to explain it.
I want to find a complete set for free or maybe buy one if I can find a decent price.
Now as you can see, we can get good looking fonts in both ㄅㄆㄇ and Pinyin, why not Taiwanese.
If I can find that, it will be my salvation. I can put on my favorite Taiwanese songs and following along.
OK. I do hope you can please point me in the right direction.

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Have you tried any of these? Simply download the TTF file and copy and paste it to your C:\Windows\Fonts directory.

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If you find an annotated font that you like, and the characters with variant pronunciations are few, you might want to use the ruby text feature on MS Word. It can add pronunciation guides in any script including zhuyin.

For the exceptional characters you would need to use a font that doesn’t already have the ruby script built in, but it might be useful.

I’m not sure if this is up to date but it explains how to use the feature:注音標示-text-ms-word

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If you want Hanji with Bopomo annotations next to it, you could also try just using RUBY in HTML.

The Taigi discourse forum supports RUBY perfectly fine using this plugin

Which is written by a forumosan, maybe we could apply this plugin here as well?

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No , because I haven’t found that font collection yet. When I have time tonight, I will go through them That’s looks like complete sets . Now to find the Taiwanese pronunciation.
Thank you very much.


Thanks I’ll give it a try. The auto ruby text doesn’t look good at all when I try it in Microsoft Word and it is often wrong and incomplete.
My main goal is to put what ever I do into note books. One for reading short stories and articles and one for Chinese and Taiwanese songs. I want the best looking easiest to read stuff.


A big Check for you Marco. Thank you for your in finding the font set I need. It’s not pretty but it works…
I copied the lyrics for the song I wanted. I then applied the first font in my example below. That is the primary font. Unfortunately, the last word in the song is not the usual pronuciation but the second most common pronunciation of the word. I found that in the second font set.
A better example is the word for one. It can change pronunciation three ways. In my example is a non ㄅㄆㄇ font, then the primary phonetic font, sub font 1 and sub font 2.

Thanks again for you help.


No problem! Happy to help!

Well, I’m a happy camper with my ㄅㄆㄇ fonts and variants.

Now I need the similar thing with Taiwanese. Some songs are sung in Taiwanese.
Are there any fonts tied to the Chinese words with romanization or Taiwanㄅㄆㄇ
I’ve searched and found some font sets but they seem to only add the special characters for manually typing the romanization.

I can’t find what I’m enjoying now in Chinese. That is, I have the Chinese character tied to a font set that displays the romanization under the character or the phonics symbols next to the character.
And as I said, there are only two to three variations so I have a subset that covers those variants.
Again I want something to just give me quick and easy romanization for Taiwanese songs so I can absorb it slowly and not have to spend time just studying Taiwanese.
If there’s a popular Taiwanese song website with romanized characters I’ll take that too.

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@greves might know more about that.