Need help buying a car and motorcycle in taiwan


Im new to foruosa and will be soon moving to taipei city
was wondering where would i buy a new car and also a motorcycle(250cc+) or a scoorter?

i wanted to know how would it be possible to import a bike from Australia? or should I buy a brand new one in Taiwan? if you know there is a english based website of an importer of motorcycle that is trustworthy that be great

hope you guys can give me some great tips

thank you for reading :slight_smile:

Hi zone559. I think you’ll find a rather large heap of information on these subjects in the forums here. I suggest you first try clicking around and perhaps make use of the search function.

i tried but there was no help… i give up and there was no information available because it was just useless information

You can buy cars and motorbikes new at any showroom. They’re all over the place. Importing a vehicle is very costly indeed, takes a very long time and is heavily restricted. In addition, a bike bigger than 250cc is illegal for you. You will need to first obtain a license to drive a sub-250cc machine and hold it for one year before you can even apply for a license to ride anything bigger.
Plus, you also said you’re going to be a student. That means you’ll be parking around campus, which means your bike will get stolen or vandalized very quickly if it looks “nice.”