Need help fast regarding COVID

My wife woke up feeling like shit, so we did a COVID test. She’s positive. I’m sorry but I don’t have time to wade through the threads. What do we do? Sorry, but I need help NOW. Much appreciated.


She’s Taiwanese, right?* I assume you/she can still download the EUCARE app and do a video consultation on there. Or you’re allowed to physically go to (or call) a local clinic instead if you want to see a doctor.

That’s if you want to report or need treatment, of course.

*I only ask this because the app isn’t that convenient if you can’t read Chinese, and I remember that you don’t.


In education I think you need to teach online for a week.


I think his wife is from Hong Kong.


My wife got hold of an online doctor. He says 3/4 and will send meds. I don’t have it. Can I still go out?

EDIT: Correction. He said seven days.

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Do you have three vaccine doses?

Then I understand you’re still allowed to go outside after testing negative on a rapid test:

Taipei, May 16 (CNA) Starting Tuesday, people who have received three shots of a COVID-19 vaccine will no longer have to isolate for three days if someone in their household tests positive for the disease, according to the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC).

Instead, there will be no isolation period, but the household members will be required to conduct seven days of “self-initiated epidemic prevention,” during which they will be allowed to go outside, provided that they obtain a negative rapid antigen test result no more than one day before, the CECC said.

During the seven-day period, they will be permitted to go to work, but not school, and take public transportation, the CECC said. Other types of activities such as dining at restaurants, participating in large-scale events, or visiting crowded places will not be allowed, the CECC said.

Otherwise, my understanding is that the 3+4 quarantine still applies:

When the new regulation takes effect Sunday, only people who live in the same household or dormitory as a COVID-19 infected person will have to quarantine at home for three days, after which they will be required to closely monitor their health for another four days, Chen said.

Furthermore, those contacts will no longer be subject to the government’s “digital fence system,” which uses a person’s mobile phone to monitor whether they leave their quarantine location, according to the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC).

But not sure if there has been a more recent change…


That’s strange - thought it was still 7 days for confirmed cases (though I haven’t been paying close attention to the daily rule changes).

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Yeah, I haven’t been paying attention, either, due to getting off scot-free thusfar.

Yes, I do.


Go to a clinic to have it confirmed. If your wife speaks/reads Chinese all the app stuff might be navigatable, but I went to a clinic (on the list) just down the road for me and got them to confirm the test (basically they just looked at it, asked me a few questions), did all the online official paperwork/phone number etc. and I was done in 20 minutes or so. No hassles and no charge for the consultation… no messing around with that app, transferring money for a consultation etc.

They offered meds, which I refused, but I wish I’d prepared better in terms of understanding the treatment protocols. I had some vitamins I knew would be useful including NAC but I would have gotten Ivermectin if I could (you can buy it over the counter in some pharmacies they tell me - but if you’ve ask the doctors they say what they’ve been told to say - it is not approved / recommended by health authorities (yeah, because it works!)) and zinc as well. There’s a list online in a helpful blog post of things to have/do, that is listed in one of my posts… things like preparing for the cough (cough medicine or whatever you will do/use), I had cough lollies, paracetamol, sufficient toilet paper for the possible diarrhoea, and healthy food and lots of water.

Read here:

And this thread

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Thank you everyone for the replies. Luckily I haven’t got it yet, but soon you may be hearing more in The Morgue thread.
Schools are the worst. “You have to work online tomorrow and Friday.” "
But I have a test prepared for tomorrow. I can’t just make up a two-hour class in a couple of hours!"
“Tough shit.”


Can you get a colleague to show up and administer the test?


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I’m guessing they have already told the students that class is online. They will have heart attacks if they now get told to come.

My tests are open-book, so all someone needs to do is drop them off at ten and pick them up at twelve. But, no. I can’t do that. I have to sit around for two hours in the classroom or sit around for two hours online.
Makes sense, doesn’t it?

They can’t do an open book test at home?

Perhaps you could join online while a colleague watch the students take the test in person?

Just trying to find a solution here.


They can, but I can’t give the handout.

Fuck that. Then the colleague would get paid for sitting around for two hours.

Just send it to them. Easiest two hours of your life.

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Nope. Not allowed to do that. Have to be sitting around in the classroom or sitting around online.

You’re a contact of a COVID case. Start yelling at your administrator if they cannot understand this point.



It’s a uni dictated test? In which case you’ll have to run it another time. Do a conversation class tomorrow.

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