Need help finding a home for a Formosan Mountain Puppy

Sort of a bleeding heart story, I recently picked up a stray puppy that was abandoned right before the recent typhoon. I was hoping someone could help me by providing some resources or contacts that could possibly get her adopted. I’ve asked some of the local shelters around my town and they wont take her due to overcrowding. I’d keep her myself but I’ve already got 2 other dogs from previous similar situations and can’t take on another unfortunately.

Anyways, some more details; she’s got a real sweet personality as far as I can tell. She is about 6 weeks old and there were 4 others, but they didn’t make it through the recent typhoon. She isn’t trained at all obviously and still has a lot of strong instincts because she’s been a street dog up until I brought her into my home. So she doesn’t know how to walk on a leash yet and instinctively tries to hide under any cars that are around when I do try to take her out to get her trained/acclimated to walking on a leash. She is perfectly fine with being handled, doesn’t bite - but does shy away from people unless you are directly in contact with her (meaning she doesn’t come over when called yet, too skittish). Spending more time around people that are affectionate should change this though over time.

Here is a pic, I’ve got some others if anyone is interested. Please PM me if you can help or are interested in adopting. I’ll add that I did pay for a vet visit to get her deworming medicine (although she didn’t have any surprisingly) and make sure she had a clean bill of health.