Need help from builders... Sunroom exhaust fan and vents

Which type of bathroom and stove vents would be best for a glass roofed sunroom?

Would these be good?

Also, how big of an exhaust fan do I need for a nine ping room?

This enough?

Given it is a sun room it is exposed right? Think typhoons, specifically heavy rain blowing on angles in the rain. It will come in (if its a garden/outdoor kinda vibe water might not be an issue). You ever notice how a lot of peo0le have vents that come out and hang down. Ugly, but amazingly spot on.

Are you just trying to let heat escape? If so there are those turning type vents. The name is escaping me but common here and abroad. They spin and thus suck out air, no fan needed. Of course the airflow isnt as great as with a fan.

Typhoons aren’t too much of an issue where the sunroom is located, but being safe is better. You are recommending something like this?

And those heat driven fans are a no-go here. They get really loud in strong winds. We have strong winds frequently.